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No 12

As usual when Schalk and I when we go a new site we normally start by building friendships, respecting and loving our friends, normally play soccer match, hanging around with them or join them with whatever they are doing and even sharing their homes. We do this non-judgmentally and unconditionally out of our hearts. Now this when it comes to the opposite sex (which makes me excited when we have a lady who will help in this case, I hope so) is very tricky and they are very tricky. This doesnt… Continue

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Ken ek myself?

While Driving, from Phuthaditjhaba to Pretoria to Jozi, with my friend Schalk, we were listening Anneli Van Rooyen singing Ken Jou Jouself? I started reflecting on the song and I realise how much most of us walk around less motivated not knowing how special we are or who we are and what we are capable of. If we did we will be living differently. Everyone is special and unique and I always say there is no role model for anyone rather say someone can inspire through one ' life story etc but we…


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Single mothers

Dr. Vuyo Socishe…

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for me integrity is how I look at my life. As a soccer player, my life is not about kicking the soccer ball and be big headed. Kicking the soccer is the integral part of my life. I always look at myself integrally. I got social life, spiritual life, academic life, relational life, mental life, health lifestyle, professional life etc. Those mentioned above theyare all part of my life and I always by all means try to nurture them. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed. But I will always keep… Continue

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Learning, learning, learning everyday. Today on the 11th of August, something hit in my heart today. If one doesnt communicate clearly either one doesnt send the message clearly or the other doesnt listen or misunderstood the message or simply no dialogue, this can leave the individuals to be in different pages or worlds. This can easily lead blaming others, gossip, anger, violence, hatred or to no progress in anything, or even lack of trust .... So no matter how the message or the issue is too… Continue

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Small things count

Is just amazing everyday as I learn a lot from the people and life itself and the small things I learn or share counts a lot. This comes after I hear or see a lot of feedbacks from people around me. We are all connected or we are one network. We all need each other. We learn from each other irrespective. As line is made out of dots connected, so is life is made out of these small things we undermine as we live everyday. That thank you, that helping someone, that hi, that playing together, that… Continue

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Change or Die

By: Alan DeutschmanMay 1, 2005

All leadership comes down to this: changing people's behavior. Why is that so damn hard? Science offers some surprising new answers -- and ways to do better.

What if you were given that…


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"I was born in a ghetto but i did not allow the ghetto to be born in
me". A lot of people come from poor backgrounds but they rise above
their situations and become successfull. Why can't we? I challenge
myself and everyone to practise the above qoute not only for you as an
individual but also for those that can't do it on their own. Together
Each Achieves More. Koko

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Whats happening down there?

Is one thing to try to impact the community or trying to stop violence while back somewhere at the office trying to see the root cause and find a way to help to stop the fight or using some pyscho-socio strategies or academic correlations. Is another thing when one see these things when staying in the community, exposed to it. It affects me. And secondly what is the message sent accross to the children who are exposed to it. In my one 6 days visit in Somerset East I was exposed to one of the…


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I have been in Somerset East for about four days 1-5 Aug, as always working together with my friends learning from each other and growing together and simply be a family irrespective. Soccer, computer skills, life skills, networking, anything in life .... But one thing which evoked in me or I can say came accross in my mind is that in life, change doesnt come easily. To force people to behave in a certain way simply think is right for them and expose their faults, it never works. Force at the… Continue

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Test first and lesson after

At school, university, colleges .... or I can say academic life, we normally go for lessons, tuts or practicals so we can be ready for a test or exam. So is lesson first and then test after. But in life is other way around or vice versa.I saying this continuing from my last blog concerning Helderberg encounter. What we do in life wherever whenever whatever it simply impact someone or I can we plant a particular seed in someone 's life. Sometimes the fruits are positive or sometimes are…


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