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If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
Happiness can exist only in acceptance.

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Sports Event

When your every thought is consumed with worry, you cannot create the emotion you need to move your life forward. Emotion is the force of life and if we consistently create disempowering emotion with worry, we won’t find the strength to breakthrough what is challenging us in the first place. As we are still on the tip of the year, as Isolate Iziyobisi we believe it is the time to give, share, care and act positive. This year we are slightly doing things differently than we were doing past…


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arstar lavistar: women in sports

ive introduce other women to participate in sport not soccer only but any other sport they might like. i as a woman with other female coaches are trying to organise a soccer tournament that will take place at king zwelithini staduim.

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Good day

I am proud today to say that my boys my friends my brothers, August and Sam Khumalo passed their matric. It was never an easy road for them growing as orphans without identity documents but yet they never gave up on education, with God by their side I believe they are going far and we are busy cooking something to do with them now that they are out of high school in terms of all my fellow leaders lets keep in mind that mentoring others or leading people is never…


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Forgiveness brings us peace of mind remember that.

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Always push thing to be success and don't lost hope encourage your self says one day is one day last of last week we get damage in my tin house we broken all of them and now still on rebuilding in the old sink more holes on top of my tin house and still I am strong and keep pushing to get a right thing at the end 

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Black child is possible

let's talk business.

Look at the most popular and successful food franchises.


-Chicken Licken (not sure of spelling)

-Hungry Lion

-Mc Donald's





-They all have international, effective, powerful and 24/7 income flowing business systems.

How did they reach there?

*Well, it all began as an idea and it prevailed to success right?

Now let's discuss this South African idea which repeatedly fails to reach peak…


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Go to TVET Colleges guys. Those are the BEST training institutions South Africa has ever offered by far, even better than Universities in my opinion. Honestly some of us if we knew at an early stage …

Go to TVET Colleges guys. Those are the BEST training institutions South Africa has ever offered by far, even better than Universities in my opinion. Honestly some of us if we knew at an early stage we would have gone to TVET Colleges first....Don't go there just to have a qualification, stop rushing for Administration, accounting courses etc just to be qualified. Do courses like Building construction, Carpentry, Catering, Mechanics. Get those skills, start your businesses. Then now think…


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Poverty can be defeated

Poverty stigma has destroyed many black people minds, we have allowed the word POVERTY to kill many dreams of black people and youth in our communities. black people we have ability to change the stigma and cure it if we start searching for opportunities and get knowledge regarding different careers that are being created or even start our own ideas that can generate income and create job opportunities for other people. 

lets get out of comfortable zone of accepting that we are poor…


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Black child is possible

Rich people's kids from an early age of +-9 are already active in family businesses and investments getting groomed to take over in the future by the time they are 20 they can run empires.

Poor people all we do as kids is getting sent to school and that's it,once the school is out learning or "education" stops,we then just play in the streets till it is dark and then we watch television until bed time,we are not groomed of anything and not protected from the temptations we face every day…


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Thanks to Youthzones


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2018 for me was a learning curve and lot of experiences both at work and personal the main highlights for me was that everything in life you do resemble you whatever you do always no its your CV and don’t do things to impress but do things that you can do willing and not with pressure ,since I have been at the Youthzones office as admin my life has…


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Those who know me probably thing I am obsessed with "self-awareness". But I truly believe that most of Afrika's problems started because we lost who we are - and we could go back to who we are by becoming more self-aware and didnt want to be anything else but Afrikan.

Having self-awereness means knowing your personality, weaknesses and strengths, your beliefs and what motivates you.

If you are aware of yourself, it is easy to understand others and how they percive you. Being…


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To change our lives we must start to dream big

If your Dreams don’t scare you, then they ant BIG enough Whenever I start something new, I know I have a lot to learn. This does not discourage me—in fact it gives me energy. It is similar to the feeling of a new beginning, a fresh start. It’s important to remain open to new ideas and new information being a know-it-all is like shutting the door to Greatness Discoveries and Opportunities. Keep your door open every day to something new and energizing. Sometimes I wonder what will show up,…


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A lease of new life, we should be grateful we we're given a new chance to start again. Is like a game, when say starting over again means we already know what ahead of us challenges.

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What you should know and do when are in your 30's

When you are in your 20's you can be foolish,make mistakes and get burnt and blame being young. Hopefully you look at all the challenges you have faced,learn from them and make batter decision in your 30's.Move look at things you should know or do in your 30's

                 INVEST FOR THE FUTURE.

Financial Advisor, Michelle Dave,Says at the age of 30 you should have surely made some fundamental choices…


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"You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your life. Add determination and time, and your dream becomes a reality. When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, Never Give up then, for that is just the place and time… Continue

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Same battle are not for you to fight but for the man upstairs to conquer on your behalf.

Challenges teach us two things.

Something about God and samething about ourselves. When you are dealing with difficult situations or people, you have to learn to let go and let God.God is greater than Whatever we face in this world and He fight for us.Deuteronomy 20:4 say, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you…


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