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for me integrity is how I look at my life. As a soccer player, my life is not about kicking the soccer ball and be big headed. Kicking the soccer is the integral part of my life. I always look at myself integrally. I got social life, spiritual life, academic life, relational life, mental life, health lifestyle, professional life etc. Those mentioned above theyare all part of my life and I always by all means try to nurture them. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed. But I will always keep fighting like there is no tomorrow. If I fail, I learn from that and move on hence life goes on. If I succeed, still I dont dwell I celebrate and move on also hence life goes on. In academic life one can fail or pass, in health one be more healthy or be sick. It depends on how one react and put the right effort to bounce back. Thats life. One is respected simply not because of the theory but the effort. Is also vital not to talk from the top rather in that person 's shoes or preach about what you went through in life. One funny thing in life and is easy to be part of it is escapeeism or shifting the blame to feel better. Itdoesnt help. I learnt this from experience. Is wise to face to face the challenges and fight against them and rise above. Nothing is impossible. Why is it existing?

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