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IT and Life Skills Training in Steelpoort

Today I had a great session of the Steelpoort football coaches training them on IT and life skills. The training was held at chief Phasha hall.  The training was more interactive and I was just basically a facilitator. I shared with them about importance of life beyond football for all the youth. They were trained on basic IT literacy on EDANAS program and basic secret life skills for success using Glencore Life skills Manual designed by youthzones which included issues affecting the youth in the areas e.g.. superstitions, Unity, communication, teamwork, respect, Problem solving, jealous, witchcraft beliefs, conflict resolution, laziness, complaining, begging, chieftainship differences and conflict, how football play major role in life decision makings. All these Life skills exercises were done in the form of practical games involving the coaches. 


My highlight of the day was when I made a small exercise of sharing and unselfishness. Our philosophy we encourage all the youth not to beg and to earn everything they have. I took R50 note and I asked all the coaches who needs the R50, everyone did want it except Thabang of Stone Breakers FC who said he doesn’t want it. And I asked him why? He said “I don’t deserve it and I didn’t earn it. And if you want to give to me I would rather share with all the coaches here today because they deserve it for sacrificing to come here and learn for the best of their players”. What a leader. He then won pair of soccer boots. 


Every coach left with Puma ball, 8GB Usb containing our programmes/curricula on IT, Life skills, football, Exchange and Enterprise Development. And we quickly went through them. 

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