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I have been in Somerset East for about four days 1-5 Aug, as always working together with my friends learning from each other and growing together and simply be a family irrespective. Soccer, computer skills, life skills, networking, anything in life .... But one thing which evoked in me or I can say came accross in my mind is that in life, change doesnt come easily. To force people to behave in a certain way simply think is right for them and expose their faults, it never works. Force at the time of implementing something in someone 's life, is more or say less judgemental and very forcing. And draw that individual to retreat. Forcing things in someone is very egocentric simply one one wants to be satisfied rather than not thinking about the other person. I spent about ten years trying to enforce what is right for my family members, at the end I was the one who burnt out and things became worse. I lost my soccer career, didnt finish my medical school, we lost our farm at home, my heart was hurt. At the end I surrendered and lived my own life and now things are looking to become better.The more I spent more effort helping my family to take right decisions the more they became rebellious. By spotting something wrong in someone or telling some one about the wrong they do, you make that person to be more aware of it subconciously and subconcious will do it. Thats psychology at its deepest level. Is better to discuss and hear from the individual 's perspective. And communicate and correct each other loving and respecting each other till reaching the agreement. Life is full of different opinions.What might positive might be negative for someone and it takes open table discussion to come into unity. Rather is very good to live one 's own life and be a good example and let the people reflect about it after, I mean good example and secondly just to communicate or discuss issues rather than one man conversation if is in a middle of the crowd. When one reflect on something and make a decision, that step/virtue lasts compared when force something on someone at that to be impressed. Concrete and lasting decisions are those which are meditate in a secret sole meditation rather impressing someone. Simply example is when I was pointed by gun in JHB and I was not nervous or thought of it during the drama but after those criminals left, I started reflecting on it that was a hole of a gun pointing at me and I took major action I started running but those guys were gone. hahahahaha. Coming back to the issue of change I can say before I tell someone to stop eating chocolate or advise that individual to stop taking chocolate I must learn how to first. Rather advising from experience rather than theory. Like most places where I am before I teach soccer skills, I first play with them and show with actions what I preach about. Change is not an act rat to be that change. Let us not be devisive in everything but be family in love, hoping and believing.

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