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While Driving, from Phuthaditjhaba to Pretoria to Jozi, with my friend Schalk, we were listening Anneli Van Rooyen singing Ken Jou Jouself? I started reflecting on the song and I realise how much most of us walk around less motivated not knowing how special we are or who we are and what we are capable of. If we did we will be living differently. Everyone is special and unique and I always say there is no role model for anyone rather say someone can inspire through one ' life story etc but we are all unique and no exact copies. I am the victim especially coming from the so called "Fame/Celebrity Lifestyle" after playing pro soccer for a while. I started reflecting way back how I allowed the circumstances/situation to produce something out of me and living far away from being myself, losing my identity. I was easily caught to allow people/conditions to create my little planet tio live and away from other people and it was not nice, it was like hel. I became a failure and I quenched my soul i.e. my self inner being/voice: what I say when I am alone about myself. I was dying inside till I was honest to myself and start to rebuild myself up and face the situation and be myself. One thing from this I learnt is that if I allow nature to take its cause, nature decays/goes down/dies and it means I was taking that road. I was gonna fight to do what I want rather than going along with natural flow but not avoid its reality. I was going to fight or say rise above natural challenges. What is my reality am I gonna choose to live : Natural one or My soul one?

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Comment by kutloano toko on August 22, 2010 at 11:06am
Thats a deep reflection mogotsi. And it is ablsolutely true that we go on in our lives not understanding our own value and how we can contribute of ourselves to those around us.
Comment by Admin FSSA on August 16, 2010 at 10:09pm
love the Afrikaans Mogotsi!

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