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People grow old by deserting their ideals years,wrinkle their skin but to give up wrinkle the soul,you are as young as youth faith,as old as your doubt,as young as your self-confidence,as old as your fear,as young as your hope,as old as your doubt,so we make use of the opportunities & advantages that is being offered to us through youth-zone.

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"Thank You Youthzone" says Somerset East

This is the message from Bayeni in Somerset East:
The time has come for the Grade 12 to make their mark. The year 2010 was clouded by happy and sad memories. We saw the World Cup lift up peaople's spirit and unity within the country, and continent as…

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Best qualification

Firstly, who am I to say which one is the best or the worst qualification in this life we are living? To my own life experience, I can say the following, the best qualification is to do the best (or bestest if the word exist) in the little I am entrusted with and lead by example so that when I talk or live with others, I can not be disqualified. To show character and get up when things went wrong in life, no matter… Continue

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People queeing for knowledge in Siyabuswa

I am (01/11/2010) here in Siyabuswa for three days already. I have never been so touch deeply by the interest and hunger of the people in the community for technology and to better their lives not to say they are bad or worst rather grow to what they want in their respective lives. This morning, in a space of about 2 hours, almost 30 unemployed youth, young boys and girls, mothers queeing to learn computer, some applying for university some applying for jobs. All of them queeing for one laptop.… Continue

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This is something that a good friend of mine gave so whenever i feel down & out i just read this words

'' When things go wrong,as they sometimes will,

When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,

When funds are low and debts are high,

And instead of a smile you have a sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest in GOD'S love-and never quit.

Life can be strange with the twists and turns,

And many a failed man has…


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There is nothing which beats up Inquisitiveness and exploring. This is the quick way of learning, building one 's confidence. The sad part is that there are million of factors which leads to individuals not be inquisitive or explore hence leading to one who lack knowledge to get worse. Most is simple through manipulation, tradition, insecurity, circumstantial victims who can still make decisions (with or without inspiration). These factors comes in different ways and some we do them not even… Continue

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Youth Advocacy

AYANDA :To bring change in our communities by creating a spirit of of honesty.confidence,integrity,humanity and a sense of belonging amongst the youth through capacity working sessions for moral regeneration, skills development, social wellness development, arts and culture and thereby a holistic development approach..I think by working together we will speed up effective service delivery to the youth and Ayanda Biyo.............

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gone to soon

hey champ we just wanted to tell you that young killers has lost a player/coach by the name of walter,we only heard today about the loss and thougth we should also let you know about the sad news here is his photo if you don't remember the name.




Eeeeish! I know him very well, champ. I remember trying to encourage him to play…


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i am proud to be a citizen of this province cauze many people don't know what the name of their province mean to those who don't know what our the name o four province mean let me help you all.

M - movers & shakers.

P - positive thinkers.

U - undefeated.

M - mind blowing.

A - achivers.

L - leaders.

A -…


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Rietvlei liverpool

Rietvlei liverpool are leading safa sisonke regional league by21points after 9 games played with no2 having 14 points.also in the semi finals of nedbank cup to be played on the 24/10/2010 exobho morniingside stadium.They are also on the last 16 of total cup which played by 32 teams in the region.

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Time to Change


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Everything is possible

I am back home for few days and checking out my roots where I was born, how I grew up, catching up with my old friends and some are farm workers. As I look around in the farm and look where I am from and where I am at the moment. I just said everything is possible....... aluta continua. Life is a journey. life goes on

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Debating Session in Paballelo

We had a debating Session around bantu Steve Biko fight for democracy

1. Respecting each other

2. What happend with our Heritage in S.A

We acknowledge and reconise the government cannot do it alone and it require the involvement and active participation of all communities,all sections of society to meet this challenge we heved to assit the

government as young people...

Democratic South Africa was born of a leadership with a vision for people…


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Introduce the //Khara hais municipality youth forum

It is of great pleasure for me to introduce the youth forum which outlines all intregrate youth programs and projects addressing challenges facing youth in our region..

in addressing to same of the challenges facing the youth,we will introduced different desks/research desk,sports and recreation,arts and culture,telent search management and development,employment and opportunities,young offenders,victim support,project management,disablity,junior leadership,crime education,information…


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Dangerous Darkies

If you are somewhat intrigued by the name Dangerous Darkies(DD) and are wondering what sort of Pan African organisation this is, you can rest assured that we do not have any implicit polotical agenda. DD is a unique sports and recreation club that was established by proactive students in the community of Cosmo City, north west of Johannesburg.

Events and programmes that were fascilitated by staff members of Oasis South Africa in the month of June…


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I am not the only one!

Since I was young I always wanted to be a better person. And for the past few years I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. I once had a good life but after my father passed away everything changed. My mom started to get sick and she was the only one providing for the family and I have been struggling to get any work because of high rate of unemployment in Somerset East. I started to get another family of friends where I used to drink etc. But deep inside I knew it was not me and I always… Continue

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No 12

As usual when Schalk and I when we go a new site we normally start by building friendships, respecting and loving our friends, normally play soccer match, hanging around with them or join them with whatever they are doing and even sharing their homes. We do this non-judgmentally and unconditionally out of our hearts. Now this when it comes to the opposite sex (which makes me excited when we have a lady who will help in this case, I hope so) is very tricky and they are very tricky. This doesnt… Continue

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Dream Day in Upington

On 21 August Youthzones and Dreamfields jointly hosted a ‘Dream Event’ in Paballelo Upington. The day was filled with fun, football and connecting. Twelve primary schools from Upington participated

and each of these schools received

Dream Bag, containing full football kit and boots. Newly kitted out all

the kids then played in a tournament with eventual winners…


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Ken ek myself?

While Driving, from Phuthaditjhaba to Pretoria to Jozi, with my friend Schalk, we were listening Anneli Van Rooyen singing Ken Jou Jouself? I started reflecting on the song and I realise how much most of us walk around less motivated not knowing how special we are or who we are and what we are capable of. If we did we will be living differently. Everyone is special and unique and I always say there is no role model for anyone rather say someone can inspire through one ' life story etc but we…


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What goes in goes out

Just a quick random reflection. I’m sitting in my car here at Disaster Field in Bluegum Bosch, Phuthaditjhaba. Two kids climbed into the car and are busy scrutinising every move I make and commenting

on everything they see. The can’t speak any English, not even basics. But when

they saw a cheap red and green plastic soccer ball in the back window they

immediately knew it was from SPAR. Leotlela and Karabo immediately…


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