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What a big surprise on Saturday, 05th of October 2013, on my visit to Rustenburg site I found my old friends from Tarlton sites playing top four with our new friends in Ikemeleng in Rustenburg. As I arrived, not seeing the Tarlton lads, I just heard someone shouting 'Doc, I knew you work here because of the soccer balls they are using here' and as I look that was Dikgang, the councillor and Coach of Drift Acess in Tarlton. Funny enough a month ago I attended hard meeting whereby the council is playing funny games and the community including the soccer players were not happy about how he does things and how he destroyed the wall used to block the cars from entering the field which was made players etc. And the coolest councillor Dikgang was in the same place and the highlight of the day was when Dikgang shared with all the players how he does things in his community. There was a sense of family joy and happiness. And everyone had fun. Youth always do what we call sharing, networking, impacting each in a good or bad way. They are unaware when they do it

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