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Youth Against Xenophobia in Cape Town

Here in Lwandle and Nonzamo Squatter Camp we did a huge campaign organised by Inyanda Youth Organisation under Nkosi and Lwandle Museum about stopping Xenophobia in our areas. We were responding to some threats and attacks made by the public and we convinced people not to go ahead but the minority refuse as usual and there was also an extended meeting by SANCO in Asanda Village but it was not controllable, people were swearing at each other and the meeting stopped. We as young people wont…


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WC Meaning!!!

The country had a buzz about the WC. initially neg with every gov dept complaining that money was spent on wc, every union threatening to disrupt the wc & even criminals captured on national tv promising to stage their own!!!

The beauty of it all is how the South Africans united n stood firm against all this. We managed to show the world that indeed we are capable of meeting any international, world & universal reuirements/needs if we are given a chance.

Some of us… Continue

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Youthzone Networking

hey there doc, how is joburg? just wanted to say thank you very much for the chance you have given us,nw we are able to be in contact with other people.hoping that you are enjoying the world cup fivah.have a great day,hoping to here from you asap. nasiphi titi

hey doc how are you doing? just wanted to say thanks for giving us the oppoturnity to learn.when are you coming back? have agood day.

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Some of the Youth comments about WC games

As always, big thank you to the team behind the project. Doc

Some people pass through this world and leave it as they found it. But people like u doc take the time 2 do special things dat make the world mo beautiful and thanx for doing it. Zininzi Mvoko, Somerset East.

watchn brazil v netherlands in PE stadium! Wt a atmsphere! Brazil z world class! I enjoyd maself in PE/Somerst east! Tanx Doc,u rock papa! Nd d guyz a ws wit u ar d best u no hw 2…


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Men and women behind this!

How the people on sites are benefiting or growing from the project is beyond my description or one 's assessing till be part of them. I cant even record all the sms 'es, emails or calls not only to say thank you but to update about the progress in developing and benefits, joy etc and how freely we are with our work or friendships with them. One thing I admire about our project and make it somehow exception is that it gives freely and not manipulatively. I for one I see this people out there…


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While I was accompanying Michael Maphanga (one of the youth coordinators in Siyabvuswa) who was on eTV morning broadcast Sunrise with our leader Roelf Meyer. While waiting at the waiting room before the call up, Roelf kept on calling me BROER which is an afrikaans word for brother. For someone like Roelf to call me brother thats all South Africa needs. To be brothers and sister irrespective of the colour of the skin, socio-economic class.Since I was born I have never had life changing moment… Continue

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Attending a World Cup Game

Here is a letter from Teramai:

Hi Schalk

We had a very safe journey back home. Thanks for everything. We arrived today at around 11am in the morning. Below are my reflections for the match;

It was a life changing and very unique experience for me. Never had I attended a match of such high magnitude. Let alone, getting the opportunity to watch several of my football heroes who showcase their talents in some of the…

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why you should care about a stolen chicken in Qwa Qwa

My day to day job puts me in many new and exciting situations. It expands the scope of my emotions in that I have more and higher 'highs' and I also have more and lower 'lows'. Sometimes I little thing can eat away at me for days, like Veli's comment that although he likes to eat eggs, he cannot keep chickens, because they will obviously get stolen.
Now I trust Veli that this assumption is probably accurate and indeed buying chickens might be a waste of money, unless you have the intention…

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Enjoying my work

I cant stop working simply I love going out there and make a difference with the outcast people. Living amongst the poor of the poores and giving my life to themt, Helping each other to better our lives and be above all a family. I am just compassionate about my work. And I keep looking forward to my next place of visit. I am more than any multibillionaire when it comes to my work. I am satisfied and happy. The feeling is Undescribable. Above all thanks to the team. Firstly, to my humble… Continue

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Is easy

Is easy to give to something where one has a full control or some kind of control. Is easy to love something which doesnt respond back or talk back or doesnt have moral sense. Is easy to talk or showing some kind of intelligence than acting on the preaching. is easy to donate money where one feel has clearance of the usage of the funds and have some control of what they want to achieve. is easy to sit around and steal people 's ideas and claim they are yours. is easy to be comfortable and laze… Continue

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''ladies you are well come un the youthzones''

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Proud global citizen

I am proud to be part of the global system and working for FSSA. While trying to take the youth away from crime, my soccer boots and pump got stolen in Mogwase. Is nice to experience what we are trying to eradicate. The feeling of being the victim is awesome.

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What 's the simple thing in life? Is to be simple. By Doc

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What an amazing weekend in Mogwase! I was invited to coach Holy Family Combined School for two days. They are having two big matches coming. One already played on Saturday (17/04/2010) against Senegal It was an electrifying game and crowd. These kids never trained together and it was their first serious training and their first competitive game. They lost 3-1. Couple of players asked if I can come often because they say they hardly have such time out and play sport, and the type of… Continue

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Society comprises of two classes: those who have more food than appetite, and those who have more appetite than food

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Schalk and I (Doctor) are at the moment in Umzimkulu, Kwazulu-Natal (30 March-09 April 2010). We are real moved by the eagerness of the local successful youths (working in big cities like Durban.....) who are ploughing back to their communities and starting projects like Vukani Lisile Ma Africa or Wake Up,, it is sundawn Africans. Here we have the heroes like Dikela who runs the non-profitable community computer centre in Ibisi, Advocate Sandile Khuboni who is also starting a computer centre…


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Siyabuswa and Jane Furse

For two weeks I was working in Siyabuswa and Jane Furse. One week in each site. I was deeply touched by the computer skills and life skills interest of youths in these two zones and how much WE are hungry to do or learn more to develop our lives to do what we want in our respective lives in rural areas. I formed so many relationships with the local sports teams, agricultural projects, JF lovelife, feeding schemes for the poor, organic projects. we spent time sharing times on the table…


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Life Skills in Zimbabwe

This past week was one of those when I was proud of myself, my colleagues and our supporters. Why am I proud? Because we stuck to our guns (as a manner of speech) in including our neighbouring countries in the Youth Zone Legacy Network Program. Through the Manican participants, Mutare Utd was incorporated into the program and the twinning relationship growing on either side of the border seems to be turning into something special.

The Life-skills conducted in Zimbabwe this week was a… Continue

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Peter Block Seminar: Our team definitely made an impression!

Hi everyone!

This is a comment made by the ladies from the guesthouse where some of the Youth Zone members stayed during the seminar.

"It was a pleasure having them. It restored our faith in the youth of today”.

You guys impacted people wherever you went!…


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I am Cecily and I am on the management committee of the FSSA. I have been so inspired to see and hear what you guys and girls are doing in your regions. You seem to have so much energy and enthusiasm for participating in these youth zones. Schalk and Doc are also amazing in what they are bringing and I hope that you all can use their knowledge and skills to learn lots about life and sport and many other things. I also hope to be able to be more involved with the project as time goes by, and…


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