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As we approach Zenzele we were puzzled to see as to why people occupied the grounds and the streets, to our suprise we were told the Bekkersdaal strike is making it's way to Zenzele concerning service delivery, and we were told the people who intrigued the strike are those of EFF. the police were there to prevent any damages that may occur as they(the striking community) wanted to burn their own local clinic. As if burning and damaging property will make everything okay.

Too bad for those who love their sports now it has to be put on hold, no training will take place for all those teams who use the grounds until further notice. fear took over as we couldn't tell what may happened so we were advise to go by our leaders Betty and Shiela before something bad happens.

To all those who are our friends in Zenzele we wish for them to be safe and keep safe until the strike ends.

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Comment by Lungile Mthethwa on October 31, 2013 at 9:09pm

thats just a shame you guys do keep well yeah and be safe

Comment by SHEILA MABOTJA on October 30, 2013 at 8:07am

As leaders and patrollers in zenzele, we patrolled the hole night to make people safe.they broke pakistan

shops and ather people got injured,athers in jail, most of them are student they suppose to write second paper. it is very painful. hope we will be safe lungi. 

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