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I rather respect 'good values or ethics' in a traditions not superstitions or prejudices

I know this is a strong statement but superstitions, certain rituals, prejudices, divisions, etc is destroying our beautiful continent. 

This is eating me very hard: yesterday my friend's mom, in Eastern Cape in one of the sites where I work, called me his son is being missing for the last three weeks and she doesn't know where he is. I then called him to find out what's happening and he picked up the phone and he said he is in a traditional healer…


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'If they can do it, anyone can do it in the world'

Everyday I see us worshipping heroes and heroins who we don't know (through media) and we can easily get discouraged,disarrayed or demotivated once he hear bad thing happened to them or when they do something bad. Obvious they are not perfect and they are still human. But as my friend always say we should be inspired by people we know and relate to, we see them doing miracles if not being one daily in different environments.  Today I received a best gift ever in the post office. The…


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No time for blaming or complaining

One thing it has been bothering me deeply and I thought is better to share with others and learn from others also people let or leave things happen because they are waiting for someone to do something and blame someone after if he or she didnt do it. I see us going around blaming and complaining and we never move forward rather live the past. The past week I reflected on two things: the disadvantaged youth in rural areas who keep doing things with joy and never stop doing what they are…


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Where is our country heading?

I always say Mandela has done his part, Steve Biko has lived and still talked about is his legacy and the message he sent across, we need to do our our part also. The greatest individuals black or white has lived and planted a seed through their legacy to have a better country in the future. My question I am asking is what am I doing which will benefit my descendants or future generation in our country. We cant take it away that SA is a beautiful country. My heart gets broken when I see my…


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