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One thing it has been bothering me deeply and I thought is better to share with others and learn from others also people let or leave things happen because they are waiting for someone to do something and blame someone after if he or she didnt do it. I see us going around blaming and complaining and we never move forward rather live the past. The past week I reflected on two things: the disadvantaged youth in rural areas who keep doing things with joy and never stop doing what they are doing. It can be the kids in Steelpoort or Freedom Park. The second group is the rich wanna be's, the so-called entitled individuals or committees or insecure rich individuals who always complain or blame and dont care about others or feel they are entitled for certain things. Freeedom Park youth even though they were disappointed because certain company cancel their visit in the last minute twice or Steelpoort who welcome us with joy after six months I havent seen them and they have been training and doing the same things they have been doing as always. They never complain or blame or leave things as they are. They grow and they become successful. They dont play smart talks or judge others or smart with excuses or just easy going or insecure and trying to justify that with talks etc but they are happy and they use the little they have to play together as a family and grow together. I am not saying all the rich or the poor are the same and it is definitely the issue of the heart (good or bad) either way. But I think to move forward we have to stop giving excuses, blaming, to be insecure, complaining, judging, discriminating to build a better country poor or rich. Together we stand, and live with good ethics and we work hard we reap and if we are lazy we reap also. No one to blame but ourselves. 

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Comment by tumelo phetla on March 4, 2013 at 11:21pm
Am convinced and Healed! I have no comment but to stand up as soon as tomorrow morning and make a my dream of making a soccer league in my village come true. Leaning from others is what I always do!
Comment by Marvin Nhleko on February 22, 2013 at 1:53pm

True Dokish, everyone is responsible for themselves

Comment by Ayanda Sacred on February 18, 2013 at 1:09pm
Straight talk right there. Movement is what's needed and talking negative will not take us anywhere good or better. Thanks Doc I hope everyone takes this with an open mind and start acting in the right direction.

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