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As a scholar or a start-up you only hear these words and they are just words you need to learn and understand until actually have to live them.

Yesterday I was forced to understand the "risk" of being an entrepreneur when I found my shop broken into and everything stolen from the stock to the cooking equipment, they even stole the lock they broke.

Mind you this is a shop inside a school in Orange Farm and the schools are three days away to re-open and this pandemic has seen us draining all our savings and using the last to stock up for the school opening. To say we are devastated would be an understatement.

We don't know any government department to go to and we had never received any relief from them either, whether individually or as a business.

We were thinking of crowdfunding but we think it might be too short notice.

We are now open for any ideas, help or assistance on to get back on our feet.

Thank you

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