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Hi family

I hope we are still doing well. I just wanna speak to all the leaders in different communities. There is no leader who is leading no one, our communities need us like we need our leaders as well. Let us first be honest to ourself and our communities, let no one think for himself or herself here I think is not wise for a leader to collect materials or balls bibs and many more and sell it instead of giving to the community. We as leaders have to keep our friendship with our communities and there are some new players or unmatured players in our team let them know how everything works let them know who are the youthzones, we are the youthzones and we never was sponsors and we will never be sponsors. Let us work hand in hand with our teams and communities we need them and they need us. Let us not keep distance from our communities they might think the negative out of us but let's pay attention to their cry and requests and we sit down and try to find the solution and if not then we can take the matter to our leaders too. It is not wise for some players to jump you when they think they have a problem and speak to Doc about you and their problems, let the call be made known that everything needed must be done through us as leaders and we need not to be dishonest but we need to earn the trust and never buy it. Leaders again to those who are selling balls and many things that belongs to the teams and the community you need to stop because it is another way to show us that you can steal ... Unity, Honesty, Humbleness, Trust, Hardworking, and LOVE can build a better tomorrow for all of us.


#Walala wasala

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