Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

Many things have changed since we were born, they never changed ones but often changing, Education changed and still changing even sports changed and is still changing. Crime and Corruption is also not new but it also changes with time and generation. We are all leaving in the world of crime and corruption but we all have to make a way to survive in it. Even in Business there are some names that are used for bribes and they sounds as nothing but is corruption. Crime and Corruption will never come to an end as long there is good and evil under the sun evil people will always do crime and corruption. All we need to do is to never complain about crime but to work our way to success. The bible says God allows the weakened to gather wealth for the righteous. All in all who do good have the reward for that and same to bad ones. Doing good fights crime but complaining causes crime and because of complaining we become corrupt.
Never complain....

#walala wasala

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