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Hi everyone.

I am so happy of what I did this year, or what I have achieved. I don't want to speak of what I received but I wanna speak of what I did to other people. I monitor around my community and I pick one or two boys then I start mentoring them, some of these boys are helping me in my business. But I am happy that I changed their life now it was my first time taking my R800 and I buy a cell phone to one of my boys (Jimmy) before Doc bless him too, I mean I give them what I have. many come to eat in my place and when I come back from school I get things in order in the house n clean. I don't mind using my own mind buying them data while I don't have my own. Two weeks back one of the boys asked me to be his mentor or a life coach, but this happened differently and amazing. I recruited the boys in my community to my house and one Friday I had a serious talk with them, they also suggested that every Friday we have a mentorship program and I gave my other phone to the other boy who had no phone for WhatsApp.

I don't know how to mentor people, but for so many years I was close to Doc and I saw how much he changed my life and now I wanna use the experience I got from him n the wisdom of God to Shepard my boys.

I am so greatful to be in a position where by I'm helping people and be able to take care of my own family. God is my provider.

Please let's make a change in other people's life.

Peace be with you

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Comment by Tanaka Bobo Mpofu on January 17, 2018 at 10:09am

thus good thing keep inspiring and changing lives

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