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Yesterday on the 24th of March Schalk and I drove down to give away prizes to the teams in Intabzwe which participated in the Ubuntu social League. The first round of the league has come to an end. And it was now time to resume the second round. But before that we wanted to boost the morale of the teams participated by giving them small prizes like laptops, modems, balls as friends. The teams were not only earning points by playing football but also through showing different initiatives or social responsibilities. Some either open email, be involved in the website, cleaning campaign, opening pre school, opening tuck shops etc. Due to communication failure between the soccer committee and the teams, yesterday as we arrived in Intabazwe we only find few people and most of the players and coaches didn't pitch. I was saddened badly but I could only collect the lessons and look for the way forward with the lads who were there. I remember these words of my friend who said 'even if you want to give them free things they don't pitch, haibo I am depressed'. In life no one to blame but ourselves poor or rich. It was sad that we have to go back with all the prizes until they are ready and show seriousness. We have to drive down 350km to show our commitment but they can't walk to the  field which is 350m away from their house. We also worked our way out together with the guys and I had along serious chat with the lads ad they decided to have new guys to communicate with us and they have sense of ownership and pride of tyne league. It belongs to them and through it as a family they can achieve a lot. Let's see what happens. You can show a horse a river but you can't force it to drink. No doubt they are great individuals.

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Comment by Mondli Cele on March 25, 2013 at 8:34pm

shu sad indeed, 'guyz must always take things serious even if you see as small thingS,'

Comment by Ayanda Sacred on March 25, 2013 at 7:38pm

Very sad indeed. I hope that other guys learn from this.

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