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#HIV and aids

Whether we like it or not we are all affected by this desease and with many other types of deadly illnesses. HIV is one of the deseases that it's manageable,many people have come to understand it unlike before where many would commit suicide once they find out that they've been infected by the virus. Many now understand that it's not a death sentence and you can still lead a healthy lifestyle.but still many are being abused and descriminated whether at workplaces, homes and even at clinics because of their status,no one is forced to disclose their HIV status one do it by choice and also finding someone you trust can be hard because rumours are always spread at all times and someone you find the its the people who you trusted that didn't keep your secret.gossips are dangerous specially talking about someone's life and status many will start distancing themselves from the one who is HIV positive which proves that the stigma still there. Hence we say knowledge is power when one is taught about the virus and made to understand on how you can get it, it'll reduce the risks of getting infected and also help one to understand the situation of the person who is living with it.

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