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We're living in society where everyone's business is everybody's business.the lifestyle and human behavior is questioned.we need to remind ourselves that everyone has a for gender equality and everything in Gays, lesbians and transgender have chosen to live as one pleases they've met with criticism as well as hate from the society.many have been killed like animals for their genders, one can ask what kind of the world we're living in.same sex marriages have been recognized in other countries but still seen as taboo.gender equality and the rights of lesbians and Gays still questioned everyday by society as they look down on them it's still a taboo in their eyes because as Africans they feel as though the gays and lesbians are degrading and insulting their fore fathers...only Africans can't come to terms with it..the disgrace and humiliation that the transgenders are put through is beyond anyone's imagination.who are we to judge
Who are we to say how wrongfully they're living.its not up to us and so everybody have a right to live.

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