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My name is Matimu and I'm a 25 years young boy who leaves in Alexandra but joined youth zone from the Daveyton site as there is currently no active site in Alexandra. I write this blog because at the moment I am not doing anything to help my family or my community, which is the most important thing in my life.2009 and an office admin certificate the same year. I have always wanted to work as a supply chain manager but due to lack of money and not getting good jobs made it hard for me to do a proper course.

I am very involved in sports, whether is soccer or cricket, which are the sports that i grew playing at my village and tried to teach other kids when i was still back home. at the moment i'm running an under 15 team, although it is still new and still getting more people to help me run it as i'm either busy trying to get a job or i'm in a piece job somewhere and also its still a challenge to get some playing field in Alexandra. 

At the moment i'm only working casual jobs at game store which is not enough to support my family as i am a bread winner. I have worked at woolworths for three years as a department coordinator, where i was leading a team and doing all the red flag, bookkeeping, receiving, dispatching, and many more.I'm good at using computers and doing bookkeeping and being a leader. 

If there is anyone out the who needs an admin person or anything of that matter which can help me help my family and the community of Extension 8 in Alexandra please let me know. i'm writing this blog here because i know that Youthzones is a home of opportunities and it gives light and chances to us as youth.


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Comment by Ayanda Sacred on August 15, 2014 at 12:50pm

Hi Matimu, I would realy like to meet you, you sound like a great guy. please contact me,

Comment by Maitse Otto Twala on June 5, 2014 at 8:51am

Wishing you all the best brother, with the Mighty God andyouthzones family your wish and asking is considered very soon everything will fall in space believe me.

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