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Little note to build make our country better

Little note to build our nation for our descendants and better worl. Yesterday there was two trespassing suspects who entered our offices and they got arrested. While they were being questioned by the cops, the boss of the building jokingly twice said to me, "tell your friends to leave the property". I didn't take that lightly and I didn't show my emotions but I laughed it off. As I always think in a bigger picture of every small act or encounter it can be to my "rich" friends or "poor" friends… Continue

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When waiting or dreaming means nothing

Yesterday on the 22nd of Jan 2013, while at work I got a shock of my life when I saw a bumpy, over-driven soccer field in Ikemeleng informal settlement in Rustenburg. But everyone looked chilled and not bothered by the conditions at the start. As we resumed training with our friends, it was a nightmare to train in this field simply because the ball could not be easily controlled, it was just bouncing everywhere and even running was impossible. I also fell hard because I stepped wrongly. But…


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There is no hidden secret! Hard-work

This morning on the 18th of Jan 2013, as I was driving to work around 5am I just saw many people jogging and surprisingly the guys in our company who I always see during the day when I am around at the office were already up and working. The IT guy was having a smoke break already at 5h20am. And I keep on seeing upcoming young guys or ambitious youth always admiring these lads and saying they are getting high salaries and living nice life. But there is no secret hidden: They simply work hard…


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Little lessons learnt in GDM, Manica Mozambique.

Everytime I visit GDM, is not only the place which makes me to be myself and free and feel home but a place which have environment of no-titles, hierarchies, non judgmental attitudes, hospitality, hard working, humility  and above all family. An environment where you see players doing things beyond football which can be gardening, picking garbage, coaching the juniors, making bricks, learning and bouncing back from their mistakes, becoming professional footballers. And above all they are not…


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