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History reap its self

On Sunday it was a big day to me and my team Hallelujah Zebra Force we were celebrating our league Champions and now we mast work hard for the playoffs and in training session,i will like to thank Youth-zones for all the support they give me,i have being on the bet position cause when a team was playing against Hallelujah Zebra Force it was like a final,thanks to all Coaches of different teams in my league for giving me Fair play and not forgetting Mr Mandela Tata i wish God can help him to…


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IMG_0549.JPG MR Mamatshinya said he is disappointed to see people not caring about agriculture.when god created man he placed him at the garden of Eden where he was surrounded by plants and animals.Joseph also saved the world from starving after he was sold as a slave in Egypt.this shows that without fruit ,Vegetables and animals we cant survive,

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Long time bafowethu i was training my team cause we finish the league so i told them we mast focus course we are defending the trophy of the League and Top 8 and good news is history reap its self we are the champions again now is the time for preparations of play-offs   

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I don't no why this now days why people don't talk the truth,my Untie is dead now because of this virus,so me i have learn something about life,sometimes when you speak to someone you trust you can get help fast bat when you keep quite and talk late is a problem.i will like to tell our youth and all sites of Youth zones we mast talk about this at our teams,project etc and we can beat this buy talking to our youth especial if you are a leader or coach to you team or site,lets go to the…


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Back round

It is very important to no the back round of the players and where they come from is not about soccer etc if you do house visit you will cray coos other families they slip without food on the table it was a shame when i come i cross that family, one day one of my player play a game bat not playing well i ask my self wats wrong then i call him and ask him wats the problem he start crying i also cray then he told me about the problem at home no father staying with his grandmother,his mother…


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Its about youself

Where do you come from?What are you plans?Where are you going about life?Who are you?You net to ask yourself this quetions 

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In our site Mabopane we have a problem i wich god  can do something we have a man who is raping last weak he rape grandmother of 91 years and he kill her this weak he rape a child of 5years i wich Police can fine the man,our country is not safe anymore 

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Qualities of effective leaders

personality qualities of good leaders could include being emotionally mature,independent,strong-willed,courageous,ambitious and resilient and mental qualities of good leaders could include quick thinking,knownlege,goodjudgement and foresight and effective leadership gain respect,not fear,delegate and observe,analyse defeat in odeat in odear to improve,remember the small things like names and take care of yourself 

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God is great

I was in an accident 2day i had a bad day and thanks God i am OK and the car as well,if you believe in God you mast trust him with all your hart, 

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when days are dark friends are few

I remember one day Doc say to me i mast work hard in my Community and work with people,now i am doing something big in my Community people start to talk bad things bat i told my self i growing up as long as god is the for me and youthzones,i am strong and powerful as long as i am with god,love them all trust no one and to all leaders we mast be strong and pray every day


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Surround yourself with positive people that encourage you

Social support(family,friends,teammates,ect)can acts as abuffer against stress and remind you that you're loved and liked for who you are and not how good a soccer player you are, don't take criticism personally use as an opportunity to grow as a person and as a leader,try things the best way to feel good about your abilities is to succeed at them,this means working hard to achieve your goals despite setbacks and control what you say to yourself  what you think affects emotions and…


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Rape can be understood as:

Rape is not sex it is power,dominance and violence,Rape is an uninvited act,victims are violate against their will,Rape can happen to anyone,Rapists come from all levels of society,Many rapes go unreported and Most perpetrators of sexual assault are men

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Never give up in life

On Monday when i was at home someone from Safa tshwane call me and sad i will be Assistance Coach of Safa tshwane team under 17 boys i was happy then i told my self i mast work hard and learn more to develop my self,if you love something you mast have love of that thing,be happy and enjoy it,i told my self i will never give up on coaching and i like to get different ideas and challenge so i can see my self grow-up   

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Love life

In life you mast ask yourself questions (Who are you?Where do you come from?What do you want?Who is you role model? and Who care about you?then you will get some answers about life in general    

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Friend who add value in you life

In life you mast have a friend who advise you about good thinks like life in general and a friend is someone who is always there for you good or bed,bat this days there is no friend who is always there for you,most of the people if you fail they are happy bat me i like to fail then i learn about life i no they like say love them trust no one,i am happy to have a friend i have now and i thank Youthzone they  bring charge in my life now i am role model to my players and my Community  

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Football is the worlds greatest game.but it always needs everybody s help to maintain its greatness.think of footballs interests before your own.think how your actions may affect the image of the about the positive things in the game.encourage other people to watch and play others to have as much fun from football as you an ambassador for the game.

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Ten Commandenents

Dont live you life to please others,Dont depend on forces outside of yourself to get ahead,Seek harmony and compassion in your business and personal life,Get rid of the backstabbers surround yourself only with people who will lift you higher,Be nice,Rid yourself of your addictions whether they are food,Alcohol,Drug,Surround yourself with people who are as smart or smarter than you,If money is your motivation,forget it,Never hand over your power to someone else and Be persistent in pursuing…


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Reject Corruption,Drugs,Racism,Violence,Gambling and other Dangers to our Sport

Footballs huge popularity sometimes makes it vulnerable to negative outside out for attempts to entice you into cheating or using drugs.Drugs have no place in football,in any other sport or in social as a whole.say no to to kick racism and bigotry out of  football.treat all players and everyone else equally,regardless of their religion,race,sex or national zero tolerance for gambling on games in which you negatively affects your ability…


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Life skill

Hey leaders of youth zone i like you to help with books of life skill at Mabopane,i am doing life skill program with all coaches of all teams in our Association i jast  net our coaches to develop our children from street and to they teams remember together we can do more  and we are hear to Develop,this program will only run once in a month,it will be any one from Mabopane,Winterveld and from the Community.

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