Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

Reject Corruption,Drugs,Racism,Violence,Gambling and other Dangers to our Sport

Footballs huge popularity sometimes makes it vulnerable to negative outside out for attempts to entice you into cheating or using drugs.Drugs have no place in football,in any other sport or in social as a whole.say no to to kick racism and bigotry out of  football.treat all players and everyone else equally,regardless of their religion,race,sex or national zero tolerance for gambling on games in which you negatively affects your ability to perform and creates the appearance of a conflict of that football does not want violence,even from your own fans.Football is sport,and sport is peace.

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Comment by Mondli Cele on February 13, 2013 at 8:30pm

jah, that true masilo gambling, drugs and corruption are destroying our football my bru.let just play football for developing the youth not for the aim of getting money.sho


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