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It is very important to no the back round of the players and where they come from is not about soccer etc if you do house visit you will cray coos other families they slip without food on the table it was a shame when i come i cross that family, one day one of my player play a game bat not playing well i ask my self wats wrong then i call him and ask him wats the problem he start crying i also cray then he told me about the problem at home no father staying with his grandmother,his mother and his sister and he mast always make a plan for food as for me i am making a plan for him so dat he can be happy as always, Coaches and leaders  help me advise  cus i don't want to see the boy smoking nyaope i want to help him and let us help each other on this matter we are family 

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Comment by Mondli Cele on May 7, 2013 at 7:14pm

AIshhh sad to hear that, but it one of those things that happening in defferent society, here we also facing the same problem, so me today I,m dicided to visiting my players in there school, aishhh, is sad to see the children  feels i like this, i,m  diceded to buying 10 farkok for them and drink  to eat during the lunch time

Comment by Raymond Mashanya on May 7, 2013 at 7:01pm

bro this is so painful man but this are the challenges that life through on us but with unity we can come up with a solution.... inspired on what your doing buddy

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