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September 2011 Blog Posts (16)

Thank You ABI

On the 28th of September 2011, ABI  has given five a side soccer field to Mabopane Zebra Force FC at N-section and the community was delighted about that. I want to send my gratitude to ABI on behalf of our family members in Mabopane who will, with no doubt, benefit from this magnificent field. And is in the right spot where the there is orphanage and soccer field where female and male soccer teams train, juniors and seniors. It is great! ABI keep doing the good work.…


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Potential is always present waiting to be exposed. It demands that you never settle for what you have accomplished. One of the greatest enemies of your potential is success. God wants you to maximize the potential he has given to you. You are not yet what you are supposed to be though you may be pleased with what you now are. Don't accept your present state in life as final, because it is just that, a state. Don't be satisfied with your last accomplishment, because there are many…


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1.    FROM CHINESE TO FRENCH - EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS SOUTH AFRICAN: All the worlds people are “twice South African” because it was here that mans descendants and modern man both evolved 

2.   THE FIRST EVIDENCE OF LIFE ON EARTHYESFROM SA: In eastern South Africa, scientists have found traces of blue-green algae dating back 3 500 million years. This is some of the earliest evidence of life on Earth. 



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Soweto Exchange

On the 24th Of September 2011 which is the Heritage Day, there was a massive soccer and netball tournament organized by one of our family member in Freedom Park/Develand Youthzone Site. It was organized by Sesi Sibongile Sibiya. The six a side soccer tournament was consisting of four teams i.e. The Boys FC, Dark City FC A and B and Diepklooof FC. The boys which is the Freedom Team ( which I played for) beat Dark City A 1-0. It was a game in its own level, the speed, technique you name it and… Continue

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Back home again

Well, i'm home again since September the second and i still have to get used to it. My visit in Somerset East has made such a great impression it's still hard not to be around my new friends. Going to university again and meeting my friends from here in Holland has made it a little less hard to cope with but still can't stop thinking of my experiences in Somerset. I keep on thinking: "Are they still working on the computers? Are they building on their futures? What will become of…


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Evaton North Experience

It was nice experience to see ABI coordinaters compiting, enjoying freestyle and dancing with the young upcoming learders of Evaton North. I really appreciate that YOUTHZONES and ABI is doing for our community.

Thank you Doc, Schalk and Masi we really appreciate everything.

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What is the meaning of football?

Young lads are special and just watching them playing, one can see that they are innocent souls. And these young lads are easily influenced by what they and they cant make decision at their own. They are looking for someone who they can trust, a family member, a friend and a mentor like a parent. I have being hanging in the informal settlements for long and it is similar to the farm lifestyle where I was born and what I see is most young lads copy their parents' lifestyle and other people 's… Continue

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Rietvlei liverpool netball and soccer will be playing a club development tournament on the 17th sep 2011 in umzimkulu grounds. the tournament is organised by department of sport and recreation.On sunday we are playing our second league game against new stars . we won our 1st ga against antioch arsenal 4-3.hoping that this season will bring successto our team.

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Youth Zone Experiences

So it's 1803 here in the UK, and my flight back from SA landed at 0515 this morning.  Meaning I am pretty tired!  But I wanted to write something about my experiences with the Youth Zones, and the value of the work they are doing with young people in the communities in which they operate.


So far I've been lucky enough to visit Youth Zones in SA (Cosmo, Soweto and Mogwase) plus those in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Each visit has impressed me, I think the holistic approach the…


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Mogwase CSI Day

It was a great moment to see managers, coordinators and directors from ABI branch in Rustenburg sacrificing their day by coming to Mogwase and hang out at the school, painting the classes and netball court and interacting with everyone. My highlight of the day was me being inspired by our nowadays ladies climbing the ladder for the greater heights and becoming leaders in their companies and still down to earth. Thank you to Sesi Nono  and ABI for the donation of air conditioners for the…


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My experience here has been great! Very fulfilling! The football has been exceptional the level of skill and natural ability compared to the boys in the UK is outstanding, they had us running up and …

My experience here has been great! Very fulfilling! The football has been exceptional the level of skill and natural ability compared to the boys in the UK is outstanding, they had us running up and down for the first couple days. The food has been great and the jokes between abdul and doc was just too funny! Definitely would love to come back in the near future. Loved it. Continue

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IT is the way forward!


I am senior teacher in Holy Family Combined School in Mogwase who only had a computer for two months now but through getting taught by Doc I now can skype, twitter, facebook and I have my own email address. As a lady, everyone we like even shopping and I can even buy stuff through kalahari website. I am happy than ever and I will love to encourage all the girls and… Continue

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The soft skills we normally learn as children or pick up along the way can change the course of history.

How a person communicates, how one reacts to criticism or in a situation of conflict-can have great consequences. Leaders are skilled in two areas: managing their own lives and managing their relationships with other people. Just as we need to learn and practice football, netball or basketball skills, so we have to practice our life-skills.

One of my golden rules is: “never…


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Sitting at home appreciating life in its entirety. Thank God for good and bad memories, looking forward to future:)! LOVE THIS LIFE YOU HAVE. second half twede

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Thank You Thijs

For seven weeks, we had a volunteer (from Holland by the name of Thijs, 20 years old) in Somerset East Youthzone Site. He made great impact and we learnt a lot from him. Thank you Thijs. You inspired so many people out there. We are looking forward to see you again soon. Africa loves brother and will always miss you.



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Loyalty and Honesty

For sure in life there is nothing better than self honesty and being loyal to oneself and to others. And is definitely sad to leave under self-deception and illusion. Is like chasing the wind. The true warrior is the one who does what is right, just and fair and have a good heart and motives when no one is watching. To be loyal and honest to one 's commitments and work hard. And to remember one reap what you sow and nothing in life shall go unseen, even if doesn't come now but it will come one… Continue

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