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what a touching story i had from a friend

It's said we learn something new each day so always pay attention ppl.
Its hard to be unemployed and even harder if you are a man or a single mother.i didn't realize this till today. My day wasn't going great bcz everything was low and slow but all was peaceful, so as I was sitting under a tree at the back of an open bakkie near a fruit market that belongs to a friend of mine. two men came out of nowhere they were not lost but they seemed lost.anyway I wasn't paying too much attention, I just sat there quietly staring at.... Well I don't know to what as my mind was far away(deep in thoughts) the two brother men greeted me and of course I greeted bck.they asked for water since there was no tap or any place nearby to get some,I offered my bottle that had a little water inside.i didn't know that the two men are in search of a job until we chatted, I couldn't believe the distance they had once walked! But they didn't seem hopeless.we talked like brothers and sister I almost cried listening to their story wow I thought I had worse problems than anyone else in the world.though they didn't say much I felt sad.i knew I didn't have much and I'm also on the hunt for a job but I felt I had to do something.i had only clipper (R100)and few coins on me and a ticket for bus.after a while I didn't say anything to them I just took out that money I had and I asked for a change I gave em half of what I had.they couldn't believe it and they kept asking me why I did it but I couldn't answer I only said "just".I didn't want them to feel bad as they also didn't pitied themselves, they know that their day is coming and all will fall into place. Though they wanted to reject it,it was clear they aren't nyaope smokers. they are men who wish for better life. Silently I said to myself if only I had more to give I would,i was shocked after I realized what I had done but I didn't regret it, I ask myself do such ppl still exist in this world? Or I'm just naive and day robbed myself?? I didn't even think twice though I needed it I know God will make something happen next week,all I know is that they needed it more than me. I pray that everyone's effort in life be recognized things may seem impossible just remember nothing is impossible and all is possible. Persistent and never lose hope, have faith in God.nothing comes easy but for whatever you want work twice as hard for it,the lord will see you through it all each day. Stay blessed and strong.

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