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Did the workshop met the wonderful people that I learn a lot from them, as I type this blog I am on my way to somerset east to do the workshop with the people I don't know.. which is something I love to do to meet people that I don't know that we end up being friends.

hosted my first workshop with the leaders from jozi, it was super good to share ideas with them that ended up me going with Joe to diepslot just to see the place and spend time with the guys... that's where I see that indeed unity is the power.

i have a feeling that somerset is going to be awesome new language new people


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Comment by CYRIL CR7 on February 24, 2016 at 10:48am

it was really great man I really like it and to show that I learned a lot in the workshop we had last time I was doing great yesterday at Tulturn about diversity.

I believe it will go well and you will enjoy your self there and interact  

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