Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

As a new member to this Im aleady inspired by guys like Ayanda, afriendly guy yet he knows what he is doing, when he speakes to you, you listen aspecially if its something he strongly believes in. He has oppend my eyes in so many ways and thaks to him I can now strongly advise people arround me to see things clearlly.

To me he is a true leader and everyone I have met that has sat down and talked to him confirm this to me. i wish him all the best and support that he can get to become an insiration to a vast majority of young ones and old. "True leaders don't command people, but advises them" he said. Thanks my brother and all the best

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Comment by Ayanda Sacred on June 9, 2012 at 6:40pm
thanks alot man that means alot to me. Thanks to the youthzones for afording me the oppotunity to proove myself

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