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Self reflection brings perspective to our lives. It helps us learn, grow, appreciate and understand who we are.
This came about yesterday while passing by the sports grounds after work. I don't usually get off there but for some reason yesterday I did. I just stood there for a while watching kids practice, some were just playing soccer and running around.
This reminded me of the time I started going to the grounds to watch games. How I loved to watch kids play and the noise coming from them yelling to be passed the ball.
I was born and raised in Jabulani, Soweto and had a privilege to go study in the US in 97'. Then during the World Cup in South Africa I decided to come back. I was shocked at how South Africa has changed and the change was good.
When my parents passed away in 99', my granny had a house in Freedom Park and that's how I came to stay with her. With my parents gone the house felt weird and sad.
I started going to the grounds cause every time I pass by there the excitement was just too much to ignore. One of the things that hit me hard was how other kids didn't have soccer boots, some teams didn't have their own jersey so they have to borrow from other teams. For me this touched me and I wanted to do something, bring some changes around and make a difference.
In 2012, that's when I met Doc Mabila and Schalk from Youthzones while helping out a team called The Boys FC. Changes started happening around Freedom Park good things. I started planning things like helping out in schools during Mandela Day, doing chores for citizens who couldn't do for themselves, volunteering where help was needed.
I saw a lot of people coming out to help and it was great just to see that people wanted to do something for their community but didn't know how. This brought about good things and improvements too, kids wanted to belong to teams and Netball teams were also created.
I can write a book about all this the way I was so excited yesterday like it was my first time watching the busyness at the grounds.
Fast-forward I travelled around Africa through Youthzones, met amazing human beings who share the passion of bringing change in their communities, I watched some from underprivileged backgrounds become successful entrepreneurs with the help of Youthzones.
To date I am proud to announce that I am now fully employed by Youthzones as a National Coordinator, after being back in South Africa this is my 1st full-time job and I am honoured to be part of a great organization.
Thanks to everyone that believed in me and supported me through it all.
''Never give up, great things take time. Be patient.''
''Winners are not people who never fail. They are people who never quit''.

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