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Am I doing enough?


I have been going back and forth with this question for about a couple of weeks now, I guess there comes a time in oneslife when we have to look in the mirror and ask reality questions. My mentor told me to search deep down inside me, do it thoroughly '' he said.''

I get bothered by  people who are not giving, are we really that different? He said we are all created in His image so?. I know I am not perfect, as a matter of fact I am far from perfection, but giving is in me and I had experienced some with giving too. I was told once you spend more time with people you infect them with some of your habits (hope good ones only).

I have been with ''The Boys F.C'' for a year now and from my point of view we have both grown so much, so why some haven't? And that person I spend more time with showing him the in's and out's, sharing everything that I have but once I asked him to share something with other teams, it became a big issue. Anyway i had to let it go.

I still live by what I was raised ''blessed is the hand that gives, than the one that takes'' and those words have proven to be very true over my years at home and abroad. I maybe impatient, short-tempered and so on but I know when it comes to giving no doubt, I am very giving inherited from both my parents. I usually joke about it and say its a curse, my parents would never turn anyone down unless they really don't have but I have never seen them in all my  22 years with them turn anyone away.


All I want is to be the change in my home, community, country and the world.





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