Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

Commnity of Ikemeleng bringing change in the Community

Sustainable development is all about empowering others without controlling them but able to create environment whereby they can have freedom to choose what they value, access opportunities and resources in order to better their lives.
This kind of inclusive and non-charitable approach lead to many Youthzones friends doing things for themselves, taking ownership and valuing any asset invested in their community with no entitlement, political and economical drives or corruption.
One of the best example this week whereby we see the youths of Ikemeleng Informal Settlement taking ownership of their unfinished project of a club due to political and cultural conflict in a community surrounded by different mines which attract different opportunists with bad intentions for the future of the kids.
The young stars ignored all the divisive rots and start to take ownership to continue to finish and clean the original project.
Youthzones is about the poor of the poorest doing things for themselves by themselves.
There are many unsung heroes all around us-helping others and their communities to bring about the change. Thabiso Steemer is one of them, Thank you for everything you do!

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