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2018 for me was a learning curve and lot of experiences both at work and personal the main highlights for me was that everything in life you do resemble you whatever you do always no its your CV and don’t do things to impress but do things that you can do willing and not with pressure ,since I have been at the Youthzones office as admin my life has changed from one level to another and my fears of meeting or engaging with other race has changed and my limitations and assumption have changed the way I think now and before its slowly changing cause of the opportunity to work close with Doctor Mabila who has thought me a lot and seen a lot of inspiration work that he does across South Africa, Today as a write this blog I encourage every youth that never under estimate yourself regardless of your condition or environment you’re in always no that life has lot of things to learn and to achieve as long you align yourself with right people .One will ask why I have choose this picture well it was one of the major highlights that I learned a lot through Zebra crossing the program that entitles youth from township and suburb to meet and share their life experiences in their different environment to learn and to understand how it feels to stay in the suburb or township.

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