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011 Jozi Ungasabi/Pusha Mzala

I have established two businesses of which one the main focus was on record label and the other one on clothing apparel in recent months I have found it difficulty how to market because of the pandemic which has affected the whole world and with difficulties on how one can re establish his business and be relevant with the recent changes that we are facing .with all this frustrations and not knowing where to start and approach my customers it was then a privilege to be part of the marketing…


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Kuthatha Isikhathi

First and for most I would like thank Youthzones for always being supportive and beveling in me regardless of my disability.

on the 18th of March 2020 was amputated below knee and immediately we went straight to lock down of which it was unexpected of but during my admission at the hospital I got all the support from Youthzones both financial…


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Covid_19 Mask

It all started with what we call waste but they then saw an opportunity to make something beautiful out of it .from the community of Kanana in Hammeskraal they have secured a deal to supply mask to Bidvest Protea Coin and Audi Sandton. 

Don't despise small beginnings …


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Zoom online Leadership training

Though we continue to be locked up but with the movement easing a bit we are glad that some our leaders had an opportunity to do their leadership training via zoom of which some it was first time to be introduce to the vast technology that has transformed the physical classes to online engagements and learning …


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Mothers Day

This is a special day to all the mothers in the world we send our deepest love to say thank you for the 9 months and some less but you gave birth and endured the pain and smiled upon giving birth because your love is unconditional 

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Food Parcels

During this time of Covid_19 padamic it has been hard for many families from informally settlement making it the survival of the fittest you can even tell from the picture the smile that the woman is showing it is a true smile showing sign of relief and grateful. Lets continue to help those in need out of selfishness and greed but lets work together…


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No one ever expected this lock down but well here we in it . it me and you who must be on pause button so that the spread of virus does spread and yet we need our day to day life to continue as normal but its highly impossible.

we have to understand that this is not normal and we not expecting anyone to be normal but to abide with the law so that we can win this challenge

This is not a Government to blame but what are we also doing as citizen to fight this we need to be joined…


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Bring en Gee

Life is unpredictable anything can happen and when such things happen especially if you're an soccer player your career shuts down and possibility of life to be normal is very low but many thanks to Betereinders through their Bring and Give they gave us the wheelchair that has made one of our friends in Tembisa life is as he was using beer crates to move around.…


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Smartcall Training

You Rica you earn money this was one of the best training on how to make money by only being a Rica agent a they sas you create your own lucky but on this day lucky visited us at our office.  

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Sweden Masseurs & Massage Therapist

Its a rear opportunities like this but we are grateful to have Tone Lyche from Sweden who will be visiting random Youthzone sites to share the skills in the communities where massage and masseurs is only seen on TV or read in magazines but they will have this amazing opportunity to learn and be masters of massage and…


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Job opportunity

Create a new .....

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It's never too late to start over or to think again and reset life all that we need is to change our behavior and build a character that will give us no doubt to opportunity to start a new career and our trust regained

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Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can't buy more hours. Scientists can't invent new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow…


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Positive Attitude

The money that we earn and the things that we buy make us our living. What we give to others and use to better the world give us a life. A living is something we do to create the life that we want. Neither would be completely available without the…


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2020 New Decade

First and foremost I would love to thank God for seeing me through all and giving the opportunity to venture in a new decade with amazing Youthzones team who have gave us opportunity to network and make friends outside our boundaries through Zebra crossing of which it has enabled me to have a friend from Germany Frans who in turn visited SA in December and was part of the initiative of December the 16th at Kameeldrift doing the Right Way…


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Bidvest Visit Evarton

When youth take control of their happiness and do better things that impact not only themselves but also those around them then peer pressure won't surpass them from doing wrong decisions.

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Zebra Crossing

A warm welcome from the other side of the Zebra line as Mr. Tom Smith welcomed the youth from differents site in Gauteng who had a great time and understood the fundamentals of life on another line of life

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SA Dutch Embassy

Our friends Dutch Embassy always show the first step of Zebra crossing and believe in the change of our communities not to make them feel good but doing The Right Way to nourish human rights.

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Smartload Dealers

Creating opportunities not to be dependable but independent into venturing in the new world of opportunity and suitability.

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