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Protea coin changing the life of stoffel park lad

Out of all the hardwork that Kgahliso aka General displayed in the community of stoffel park and his ability to network with the purpose of enriching himself and also to get a job to sustain himself.

when protea coin came to stoffel park to open the super shack that they builded he used this as an opportunity to network with the people to get a job in protea coin he got a business card from one of the directors from the company, with him loving to communicate with people he emailed the person his curriculum vitae and from there he got a call from the company that he must come for an interview, he went and passed.

Now as i speak he is working at Protea coin as the security, i was talking to him he was so happy to get the job and he says it really changed his life. just want to say THANK YOU PROTEA COIN for what they did to the life of this guy

started from the bottom now we are here........

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