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This is the concept that came into my mind while i reflected about the SADC DIVERSITY TOUR IN MOZAMBIQUE,i went there to learn from each other and also to see what other people in different countries live under what conditions and what means they do to make sure that they live well in the situation that they find themselves in,most of the time i was deep in thought about how can i incorporate what i learned in this experience and apply it in the county that i come from so that it cam start from where i come from before i can reach other places.

when i came back from Mozambique i shared all the experience and the lessons that i learned there always a debate will erupt about how can we really build a truly a rainbow nation  while many people live with the stereotype mentality about other racial groups, the only way to remedy this kind of illness is first to change the mindset of the people first.

that's when BRIDGES CAMP was born in my mind i shared with my friends about the concept they all love the concept and supported it, what we are going to start with is to get 4 black,white,coloreds and Indians children to be together in one place where they can learn from each other so that what they where really thinking about other racial group was not what they witnessed they themselves and after there they will create a facebook page where they continue to contact each other.

 Like the founding father of our nation, Nelson Mandela, we believe that only personal contact between people from different cultures can lower stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.
Our main goal is to follow the direction of togetherness and to reduce stereotypes by enabling personal contact between young people from different racial groups.

A camp is an ideal opportunity to create a platform for this contact. 
During the time at the camp we will mix pedagogical exercises with leisure activities, so that the participants can learn more about themselves and the other group members.

today we did our first fundraising at shell garage in mamelodi east 

planing to do the amp next year from 6-11 January 2014

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Comment by Raymond Mashanya on November 16, 2013 at 8:04am
thank you hey and you also keep up my sister
Comment by hazel mahazy mhlongo on November 15, 2013 at 10:05pm
great keep up the good work

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