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I remember the days when I had sound system and being a Dj at one of the less privileged communities Diepsloot ,I never knew that one day things will turn to be bad after the sound system was stolen all my hopes and love of music was shattered and I never thought that i will come up alright and all was in my mind was negative thoughts and I couldnt see the way out but thank full if you have people around you that can pick you up from vulnerable situation to a positive and reviving situation and Doc Mabila managed to find the good things out of that moment to get up to my feet as he asked me if we can try to buy the sound system again but then by that time I believe that the love was torn apart but am glad he managed to come up with something that picked me up when he said lets see if you can work at the office since you have knowledge in IT maybe you can learn few things and be our Admin and that was the turning point and from that moment up today I have learned that in life sometimes we need people who are always positive about life and try to give you a different view about your situation and bring the best out of it and this is my reflection today as I choose to be positive

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