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I  had an opportunity to facilitate about cultural diversity and it came to my mind that we also need CHRONIC DESEASE DIVERSITY ,It is true that hiv is one of the chronic, you take medication daily if you have high blood pressure, cancer heart disease BUT when someone is taking ARVs we have our own  reasons why that person is taking them, not knowing that there are various reasons why that person is infected even if it is their own fault they are infected who are we to judge.

STERIOTYPES are harmful they might sometimes come from a real experience, but it is never smart to put all people under the same can divide us and lead people to death

There are things we need to change my brothers and sisters

1 let us stop associating any sickness to HIV we are not doctors (telling a person when coughing and say "we will fear you or go and test "is rude comment ) 

2 when you are in a public place DON'T make any silly comment about HIV you might hurt someone unknowingly

3 let us treat them with respect and if we know there status and stop telling others if  you have not been given permission.

They are afraid to come out  because of what we say, and it is a burden if you live with a secret and we are the reason they don't come out.

Imagine if they come out they won't be afraid to take their medication with in a [public place or you can even remind him/her to take when its time.

let us mind what we say my  family ,we power to chance situation people are dying trying to prove point that they are  not HIV Positive

They breast feed to prove a point and  stop  taking pills everyday to show they are not in is so sad

Let us love, respect and take care of each other


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