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This pandemic has an effect in our everyday life ,our lives has drastically changed and change can be eithe good or bad.

It is true we felt the bad side of it and I won't lie it is not nice ,people who are close to us are sick some died because of Virus .most of children in our community are not going to school and they don't have access to internet to study online. Some lost their jobs .

Irregardless of everything that Is happening my motor is to never give up we  have a…


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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measures.we ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant.gorgeous.talented and fabulous actually who are you not to be we were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.And as w let our own light shine,we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same"

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I  had an opportunity to facilitate about cultural diversity and it came to my mind that we also need CHRONIC DESEASE DIVERSITY ,It is true that hiv is one of the chronic, you take medication daily if you have high blood pressure, cancer heart disease BUT when someone is taking ARVs we have our own  reasons why that person is taking them, not knowing that there are various reasons why that person is infected even if it is their own fault they are infected who are we to…


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Educational tour to Mbuzini where the late president of mozambique samora Machel plane crushed

It was a great and educational experience to learn about our history, We had fun and learned a lot. When the tour guide explained it felt like it was yesterday and you can picture everything,

We saw35  steel poles with a weird sound and they said it was the symbol of the number of lives lot in the air crash, the pillars cast long shadows over the base and the wind causes permanent whispering of which symbolises them crying, that was the sad moment because we could feel them…


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youthzones gave me life and second chance to be a better person

I would like to take this opportunity to thank youthzones ,my life will never be the same  you gave me hope,life,joy and future for my whole life that I will keep on celebrating till death.

I was an ordinary young lady who is so concern with community development and youthzones came to my life and my community and assisted with computers and modems and we used  them 

I kept on applying universities,companies  and colleges, today I am  proud to say that  I got an apprenticeship…


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If our life is poured in usless words we will never hear anything,never become anything and in the end be left out speachless at the moment it matters most

On the 31st of may I was in Johannesburg  having a meeting with doc,schalk,sdala,Aubrey ,Mr nel,his wife and many more.

we were discussing so many things about crèches during  the conversation learned a lot things that will help in life ,maybe they might help you too

Our job is to love others without stopping to enquire whether or not they are worthy, that is not our business and in fact it is nobody's business

never forget to be kind to…


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forgivness is the key to action and fredom

A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions never overcome them ,the is only one success-to spend your life in your own way 

Jesus ,on the cross, performed the ultimate act of forgiveness when he died for all our sins."For God so love the world that he gave his one and only son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have internal life. is said that in john 3;16 To hold a grudge is to let another person live rent-free in your head. if Jesus cold forgive,why…


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Sibusisiwe sandla lesipkako kunalesamukelako

Mr Masinga owns a bakery this man is such a blessing to me when there are left overs of  bread he gives  them to me, over 40 breads a week and I am able to give those who need it most.

we need more Mr masingas maybe one day I can be able to feed every child at a team because some come to practice with empty stomach.

 I wish his  bakery to grow big so he can be able to give more  fresh bread and  employe the…


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"Don't limit yourself, aim high, be positive and if you want to go to heaven you can it is all up to you."

from the firs till the last day doc,ayanda,sbongile and lindelwa visited our site this were  their common motivation to us individually and in teams. Of which made me to have a self introspection and I realised that sometimes you always complain and it is said that you don't see how lucky you are to have something till its gone.

I had this big dreams ,wishes and plans but  failed l to act towards archiving the dreams thinking I don't have power or  resources to make the dream come…


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how did you feel,how do you feel,how would you feel and what are you going to do to your father after he left your mom to raise you

Every monday we do life skills and have a discussion were we raise a topic after the discussion we find the lesson of the day this was the topic,i was really touched and it was so emotional in a way that the next generation will be destroyed and bitter one .the bible says"khulisa umtwana ngedlela ukuze angasuki kuyo "




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Today we had an educational tour with my children

i wanteed them to explore and appriciate life and nature ,we visitedd the boarder gate to mazambique and tanx to the home affairs and the tour guide ,they learned  alot .eg  what you must have to cross the boarder,history abaut the boarder  and they showed them were south africa ends.

We went to komatipoort…


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nkomazi was blessed to celebrate heritage day with doc and schalk.we were having fun playing soccer and netball and everyone was participating and happy ,we shared our talents and views.…


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Man are losing dignity

Have youu ever imagined yourself as a child going through the bad experience that many children do? if you were raped and given sexually transmited desiese or aids by a family member or relative, you would live with the memory forever.

Your heart wouln't forgive the perpetrator -some victims feel so bad that they take their own lives. as for the evil and guilty man ,he walks free ,doing even more damage aloong the way  the childrren are our future .dont destroy them .protect ,nature …


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God works in his own ways tanx to all of you youthzones team ,we have a group of mothers who are sewing traditional clothes and they recieved R10000-00 to buy the material to keep their business going .

when we arrived at theire office one of the ladies prayed crying and thanking god of the good things  they now have ,  and i was so touched. after the prayer they were singing ,dancing and packing theire materials.

NETBALL team can withness the good work  too youthzones is the…


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keep up the good work youthzones team members god will reward

it doesn't matter how many times you i fall what matters is how i wake up and i asked god "how do i get the best out of lifee " god said "face your past without regrets,handle your present with confidence and prepare for the future without fear   youthzones has been my pillar of streanght that is y i choosse to reach out and help other, knowing i can make a differance, even though i may never withness the outcome  you are all here for a reason

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