Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

You will be blamed for things that have nothing to do with you but that is the burden of leadership. People will expect great things from you, especially after you promise to be a better person or willing to make difference in the community. Many, will be doing their best to bring your vision to fruition, the rest will work to bring you down but that doesn't have to worry you. Always be on your toes, pray and ask guidance from the almighty.

You'll lose the battle if you want to handle it on your own. Put God first let him fight, and you conquer. We all want to live or raise our kids in a space where there's no violence, crime and poverty but what do we do to make sure our wishes come to live? Your answer is the solution you looking for. Perhaps, what you do now, your decisions, and choices will determine your future.

I grew up in an environment where everything good & bad is seen as one/ a norm, i forced my intuitions to adjust to the situation in order for my desires to fit in but when i started to apply my on thoughts i then realised, little did i know all this years i wasn't adjusting but succumbing to challenges that needed to be combated. I carried the words with me "it is never too late" hence i stepped out of my comfort zone to study myself, to understand the person i am, what am i destined for, i must say, this decision helped me a lot because here i am today building my empire of which my country will celebrate with me and without me.

To make difference you do not need to be in power, or hold a certain tittle, just to realise that you are not adding impact to your space, doing bad, or inactive and then step back rectify yourself, that's the difference too.

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