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Yesterday as I was checking out netball teams in our location I met Izintombi Zomhlanga, I was so...... I don't know how to put it! We talked to them and they are willing to participate in netball. They are so respectful and humble even their leader is a lady I know. They are based in Pholane they do traditional dance and they willing to help in anyway. I told them about youthzones and opportunities available, they were so positive and willing to work and I even went to meet a single mother who helps to feed street kids and orphans at Pholane, she told me here story and she is willing to be involved in this organisation as the government has never fulfilled its promises - she has been doing this for the past 10 years.


unfortunately I was to take pictures of the sisters dancing as it was dark but I wll be visiting them today again to talk to the mother who is taking care of them. 

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