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Everytime i wake up, this comes to my mind. Why am i waking up and what drives me. Motivators have spoken yet im not convinced by their sweet words, how does one measure success. Is it the money,happiness,love or power, how? Take a moment think about we waking up everyday working hard yet we still thriving for that one accomplishment called success. Just think about it and do add your views on the comments id love that.

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Comment by wayne on September 29, 2015 at 8:01am

I get your point that's why I tell people to be careful whenever they respond to that question as it carries a lot of weight and it cant just be answered in one way.

Comment by Schalk van Heerden on September 27, 2015 at 7:12am

Great Questions. For me success is not the ultimate goal, for two reasons: everyone will have different standards of success and once you become successful, it loses its magic or motivational effect; success can become empty, predictable and boring. Surely, there is a lot of chasing after wind.

For me personally, my greatest motivation is integrity, living an integrated and integral life. I'm finding I can only get closer to that through awareness and presence.

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