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In nowdays we facing many challenges about HIV/AIDS in our community in most cases teenagers are the victims of this disease. Some of them were born with this disease inherited it from their parents,in some instance teenagers find themselves in a critical situation whereby they are dating older people (sugar daddies) while others are protistutes (slaves of sex) just because of the sake of money, not noticing or being aware that they are putting their lives in danger and risking their health and body by being affected by the disease. People dont want to condomise thats for a fact its not only HIV/AIDS that you can be affected with with unprotected sex also STI's and Pregnancy just imagine bringing an innocent child on this earth and only to find out that your child is HIV/AIDS because of your actions and not being responsible of sleeping around doing unprotected sex. Some of them are victims of rape got inffected, although we have been taught this at school and in our communities to always condomise we not taking this seriously untill we get inffected then we will admit that we should have listened to wiser people who knewed about life and all bad things. People are living with this disease healthy and happily...but sometimes we have to take responsibility for our actions as human beings.

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