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it always seems possible until its done

There's a saying that says its "impossible" I have taught myself that nothing is impossible and worth comes easy. The more you sitting and hoping that something/things will come to you while you wait for them,the lesser is time on your side. The possibility if reaching what you dream of is outstanding and certain,but the uncertain part of it is that you going to wait for what you not even certain about (sure) nor guaranteed that you will get an outcome. Perhaps I am saying that everything…


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In nowdays we facing many challenges about HIV/AIDS in our community in most cases teenagers are the victims of this disease. Some of them were born with this disease inherited it from their parents,in some instance teenagers find themselves in a critical situation whereby they are dating older people (sugar daddies) while others are protistutes (slaves of sex) just because of the sake of money, not noticing or being aware that they are putting their lives in danger and risking their health and… Continue

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Entrepteneurs are people who owns businesses,they start them from scratch to independence businesses... entrepreneurship in our community is a good development. It reduces the rate of crime and unemployment hence our government can not afford to employ every individual. It may start as a simple market until it goes to supermarket. It is in the power of the community to support their people,small businesses in order for the business to grow.

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Does anybody have an idea why people do crime?. Yeah it is because people are trying to make a living for themselves and their families its hard out there even people who are rich living the life they wished for they still doing fraude crime. So when others are trying to get to live that life by doing crime as they see it as the best way to put food on the table for their families . I can tell that its not easy to go to bed with an empty stomach each and everyday while not anybody noticing… Continue

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Being unemployed is not a choice its not a situation whereby anyone wants to see him/her self in it. People are trying out there its not easy nor difficult for others to be recruited (employed),it takes hardwork to be previlaged from what you find yourself in today. Unemployment is a daily disscused issue but yet has not been resolved (one of our socio economic issues) because people to get out of that situation you find yourself in today you have to do something for yourself and others which… Continue

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Information Technology is highly appreciated and taken to consideration lately around the world,it is a source whereby we learn and teach others about technology systems like computer,laptops and callphones. It is a great idea to teach children(youth) about IT while they are still young so that in future they should already have the knowledge of technology, it can also help them to persuade their careers in IT. I think not only should children be taught IT also adults because there are those… Continue

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water conservation

South Africa as a whole is now facing a challenge of water whereby water is rare in all provinces,but more especialy in the Free State province (as a whole) Bloemfontein that's where we are facing this critical situation whereby in every location people have to go looking for water from other location to the next location just to have water to cook and for children to bath so that they can be able to go to school parents to work. There have been several times the water being delivered by… Continue

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communism or capitalism

First of all we have to understand the difference between these two polotical ideology which is Communism and Capitalism.Communism everything is owned by the state no one has the right to vote or a say against what government is doing, e.g Cuba is using this ideology. Capitalism every one has the right to ownership the right to vote,South Africa is using both these ideology but mostly Capitalism. What am trying to imply is that we Africans we have a chance to change our lives and build our… Continue

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My two weeks visit in Limpopo ( SteelPoort)

Wow...what a great visit in Limpopo,the place is quite and cool. I have learnt so much while I was there during the two weeks visit there's a lot I earned and there's lot that I left behind (my teachings to those who learned from  me).Since I'v been there I have noticed so much of the people living in that area one of the greatest things are,they respect one another everyone no matter who you are where you coming from your age to them does'nt matter as long as you are a human being they see…


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Determination keeps me going,it does not matter who you are,who you are leading race,gender and age. Leaders are born leaders, if you have it in your inner you you can pass it through to the next coming generation. The ability you have can persuade your goals in leading and can also be determined by what you are doing and to whom,despite the fact that you don't know nor have leadership qualities but if you believe you can. People will criticize you for what you are doing for your community…


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Being around people with different cultures,values,identity,language and goals has taught me that,we might differ in clour(race) but we still remain one! Being around a family its not only about peop…

Being around people with different cultures,values,identity,language and goals has taught me that,we might differ in clour(race) but we still remain one! Being around a family its not only about people who you are close to but also those who are around you can share the very same dreams no matter where they come from. All of these I have taught myself in a 3 day hiking tour in Drakensberg Moutain together with my family which is YOUTHZONES that reconciled these Ethnics group together… Continue

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There are lot of people who have the fear and believe that when they are HIV/AIDS positive its the end of the world to them. Well thats not true,people who are affected by this disease they can live longer as long as they take their medication properly daily and eat healthy,train or exercise as often as they can to keep their immune systems strong and healthy. HIV/AIDS is not a disease that can be cured we all know that,but we can conquere it,by not alowing it to frustrate us nor bearing it in… Continue

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Socio economic issues in South Africa is the major problem that we faces and are most taken to consideration by our government,although it cannot do this alone we can also play a role in eradicating these issues. HIV/AIDS,POVERTY,CRIME and UNEMPLOYMENT,these are our issues that need to be dealt with. To put an end to these issues is when our people are taking to tertiaries to learn about medicine and being doctors to implement the cure of HIV/AIDS also we shuld use preventions to stop the… Continue

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The youth of today differs alot from the youth of the past. People are lost,people don't know their history where S.A comes from. We are living in a divers country with different Reces,but though we have different Races we still remain one people (AFRICANS),we can't live with the past if we haven't Reconcile as one Nation. Hatred and Descrimination wont help neither it wont make the country's success be seen or accomplised. People we need to love each other one another,love your neighbour as… Continue

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Many people out there are created for a purpose and some of them have different talents,although they have different talents they don't have a way to reveal them because of the area they living in. People hook themselves with wrong people (friends) and this led to people being gangstars and start commiting crimes and make it their hobby. The reason behind all this is because these people feel lonely and left out,they seem to think that they do not get the attention they seeking for thats why… Continue

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Don't allow situations to change you, you should change the situation!! There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for some people to come and grab them with both hands...people must know that these opportunities don't have feet to come to them,but people do have feet to go out there look for these opportunities. We still have thet idealogy of believing that being from a poor backgroud family the situation there will still remain that way even if you are a grown up person who has… Continue

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Human trafiking in our community has taken a huge impact and a negative one,which will influence the next coming generation of South Africa. It is our sisters and mothers who enslaves their most respected and valued bodies to some pathetic people because of the source of income to put bread on the table!! Human trafiking its not legal but some says it is legal...we cannot seat back and watch our people being diognised with inffectious diseases because of is not the world nor life!… Continue

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