Creating a better Mzansi through sport and development

''Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can--''Lowell Thomas
3 sites visits in a day, now that's what I call passion!!!!
Passion is what motivates us to do the things we love. It is that strong desire that allows you to create something extraordinary—the fuel that keeps the fire burning. Being passionate about something gives you a sense of purpose.
1st stop was in Orange Farm Squatter Camp, Kosmos, Hartbeespoort Dam--Where he went to visit special amazing friends, who received vegetables seed packets from a young angel in Pretoria. The young angel saved money and bought lots of vegetable seed packets and donated them in the most impoverished communities in order to grow their own food.
2nd stop Rustenburg Kroondal, Ikemeleng Section--An amazing human being with a caring heart, who saw a huge need to start a day care center for undocumented kids. This has been running for few years now and it has been nothing but a success. The kids who can't afford to attend school because of documentation issues are welcome here for free of charge, so they can be able to learn to read and write and also do other academic activities. They have 2 orphans at the center whom they look after. It was 1/6 number of kids available of only the parents working today.
Last stop of the day--Ledig, North-West, with an amazing friendly champions who always appreciate, want to do good and ever happy in Ledig.
''Everyday as I am privileged to do my grassroots work, I always see different narrative and reality to what is shared on mainstream''--Doc Mabila
South Africa is a beautiful country with a lot of good real people who want to live peacefully and build this wonderful country.
'''It is so inspiring to celebrate Freedom Day with family and friends who are making the best for themselves and the people around them--'' Doc Mabila
-Great to give the young stars their gifts from Bidvest Protea Coin. Spending precious time with friends of more than 12 years is a gift not to be taken lightly.
Happy Freedom Day!!!!

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