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Ladies, you missed your period?

Go get a pregnancy test done.

Turns out negative, seek medical help.

Turns out positive, go get booked at the clinic. There you'll discuss everything you need to know about the pregnancy. Even know your options if you decide to not keep the baby.

There's absolutely no need for you to arrive at the hospital with your baby already coming out and there's no known obstetrical history about you and your pregnancy.

To find out you don't want the baby, you are now running away as if the hospital was a prison, you leave the child in the ward. Now police must be called, the nurses now and security have to go out looking for you.

You could sort all the issues out while it's still early. If you are uncomfortable with your nearest clinic. Pick another one, just go get booked. There's a thing called Eclampsia, it's very dangerous and once you start fitting. Your friends and family won't know what to do, ungashona nok'shona. Kanti if you are booked, It can be detected and treated.

Do right by yourselves. For your loved ones aswell as other kids you may have.

Early booking saves lives.

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