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Sometimes i ask myself why some people do things which they a not suppose to be done like raping kids and being violent and bully its because of drugs like nyaope ganja etc in my community if someone commits a crime cause there re high they beat him or her and to m i say its a bad idea we must take them and we pt them in a rehab because we lack those facilities we take the matter into our own hands and some of the kids they do dis things because they a being abused at their homes so they runaway and they have to survive outside so the only option they have z it smoke drugs so if we see we judge them and not helping them if we take them we pt them in a rehab and the boy or gal gets clean and they parents they a not told to stop child abuse it will be like we a playing because the kid will always go back to drugs so to stop dis if we take a kid to rehab we must also arrange a counselling section for the family.#DRUGS 

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