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Correctional Service deputy commissioner visit Kameeldrift

Is always humbling to see people from top positions in SA government visit the impoverished areas in our country. After Yz team had a meeting with Correctional Services Deputy Commissioner Pumla Mathibela in Jozi Centre, the delegate left for Kameeldrift to do site visit. One thing which stayed in my head is when she said 'Doc, you know we are around the corner but we don't know about this impoverished squatter camp, our eyes are so closed and we are definitely focusing on the wrong things. I will be back here Doc. I am going to get some of the delegates from nearby correctional service and attend some of the issues here. They must be proactive not on the receiving end, I am inspired Doc'. What stood out for me was her humility whereby she refuses to use blue lights when she travels. Lady with good heart indeed. How she reminded us that next time we must tell her not to wear her uniform but wear sporty.

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