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Last week I contacted stephina matemane from SANCA rehabilitation centre where I was looking for assistance of Young people who are addicted in nyaope and willing to quit. During our conversation I told her that they are poor families who are crying non stop of their children who are using drugs such as nyaope but willing to quit and they don't have finance to assist those kids, so the lady told me to get all their ID's or birth certificate and go to police station and write avidafit that the kids need to go the rehap but they don't have finance. I quickly rushed to those young people and ask for their ID's or birth certificate. Unfortunately some of them don't have ID's and birth certificate and both their parents are dead, so today I emailed Sanca asking for assistance or what will be done or what must I do this young people. I'm giving them today and if they don't respond to my email I will quickly call them tomorrow in the morning.

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