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What an amazing visits

I would like to take opportunity to thank Doc,Charity and the Dutch Diplomats for an amazing visits at kameeldrift we really enjoyed being with you,making friendship and having fun.We hope to see u again some other time and you guys have a nice journey. FB_IMG_17158408999085594.jpg…


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Surprise visit from Charity

I would like to take this opportunity to thnk Doc and charity for the special SOCKS they gave us yesterday. Morethan 90 families both the girls and woman managed to get one.Those socks are unique and it's a remind to us that youthzones exists in our lifes and thnks again on behalf of refentse day care for plenty of toys .FB_IMG_17151510700942355.jpg

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It's not a magic

20230623_140613.jpg morning family and friends. I would like to share with you on how I get the energy to do my internet cafe  business, I  only use this three items and a solar .this is very good and function very well,one can ask what's Interesting about it.

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A special visit from Nederland embassy

  • Yesterday we had a  visit at kameeldrift from Nederland. She is such a good lady who visited our community loving and caring.she was really happy to see what we are doing through sports,life skills etc.we also took a walk together to the Creche and she was playing with the kids and also the kids singing nice songs for her,indeed she was inspired by our doings. We there fore went to the field and played soccer together,yoo  she is really a good player.we learnerd a lot from…

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For mandela day with youthzones

Whn we talk about service delivery we are talking about  this,youthzones taking care of its people.200 families  received  food parcels  from youthzones  and Mr mabila

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Another business unlocked

I just started another business  in my community of selling paraffin, the reason I  started this business is because there is no electricity in my community  and lot of people  are using pramerstove to cook and some are using that lite using paraffin. I started last week I  already sold 12 25litres.

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Walala wa sala in youthzones

Good morning friend and families.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to youthzones and doc for giving 150 food parcels at our community at kameeldrift.150 families will sleep with a full stomach because of the great job ur doing in our communities .I'm also happy  they respect you Mr Mabila for thinking for their children. 

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Meeting minister of Holland

Good evening  family as we today had visitors  from Holland, the minister  was here and everything  went  well I  was so happy and excited 2 get to now all the new faces.its my pleasure to say thnk u to youthzonesand doctor  mabila.20200203_145206.jpg

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#smartcall,#changing life

The family came 2gether along with the smartcall,# changing lifes,we meet again at our youthzones office at fountainbleau  2 be thought more on how 2rica,recharge a and more on how we should  attract the customer 2 buy our simcards.The magic is on the simcards than selling airtime.we really appreciate  snd learned a lot of how 2 grap customer.

We also learned a lot from  one of our friends  from Bidvest coin,it was a first time 2 hear that whn thr is no network  it may happen that the…


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youthzones kuthata isikhati

We had visitors 2day at kameeldriftIMG-20190905-WA0010.jpgwe really enjoyed and learn more from them.

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#smartcall and youthzones changing life.

Today I meet up with the ram service courier hand 2 hand delivery 2 deliver my two gazzepo that I got from youthzones.

Youthzones changing life of young Africans in our communities.



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It was a long day at kameeldrift plot 175 at Lydia's creche.everything was all about GYIMAH a humble guy playing for WITS.THIS  guy gyimah has played a  most significant role at kameeldrift. Supporting the creche,motivating the kids in kameeldrift 2 have hope that 2mrw it will be OK.we are very inspired a lot with the words he spoken.we will never ever forget him…


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save water sanitory

I would to take this opportunity to say thanks a lot to youthzones about contributing more in my community with the toilets.we've been here for several years but  still struggling for the sanitation, but youthzones has answered our cryings and prayers. They bought us the tree toilets from the company called ENVIRO LOO.SDALA,GYM AND AT THE CRÈCHE WE RECEIVED THOSE SANITATIONS WE  APPRECIAT UR HARD WORKING THAT UR DOING IN THIS COMMUNITY.


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happy times


I miss this moment with my team juventors at Lucas moripe to support supersports f.c

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Assisting the crying families.

Last week I contacted stephina matemane from SANCA rehabilitation centre where I was looking for assistance of Young people who are addicted in nyaope and willing to quit. During our conversation I told her that they are poor families who are crying non stop of their children who are using drugs such as nyaope but willing to quit and they don't have finance to assist those kids, so the lady told me to get all their ID's or birth certificate and go to police station and write avidafit that the… Continue

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preparation 4 tshwane new team

Our team juventers under 17 will be going to the selection this coming Saturday to show their talent in football and the best players will represent tshwane under 17. I wish my team players a good luck and let god be with them on the selections .

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first visit at youthzones office at fountainbleau

This morning I took a journey to youthzones office to visit and collect my TABLET they bought me so that I can be able to take part on the YOUTHZONES website. I found bobo at the office and he welcome me with a breakfast as I was tired and he also helped me to install whatsapp and facebook on my new tablet.

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Utata the king

It was a nice day at kameldirft seeing young people celebrating Mandela day. We still love utata because he gave us a free country.happy Mandela day.

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happy mandela month

its very important for us young people to celebrate this month as we remember our south african hero NELSON MANDELA who fought for our nation to be better like this today. we love him and we will always remember what he did for south african. mandela played a most significant role in S.A we are know free because of him lets accelerate this wounderful month. HAPPPPPPPPPY MANDELA MONTH.

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hope we enjoyed 16 june celebration

It was a nice day at kameeldrift coomunity hall were we saw young people in large number celebrating this important day of 16 JUNE.we had nice and meaning poems from youth and we also enjoyed the SARAFINA DANCE. we really had fun at kameeldrift.

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