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From Robben Island to Wallstreet

Dear friends of Youthzones

Here is a preview of the Gaby Magomola story. 

Download the clip from Dropbox by clicking the link below, then share your comments, what you honestly think about the 30minute clip?…


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Enterprise Challenge

Some companies by law have to shred their official clothing or uniforms. One of our partners have 30 tons of shredded clothes (small strips and pieces of fabric/material). 

Rather than dumping that I wonder if anyone has a business idea for it? E.g. could it be used to stuff pillows or mattresses? Or create boxing bags? 

If you have an idea what to do with all of this, please contact Youthzones as soon as possible and you might be the next supported…


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TED Talks

Who watches TED Talks?

I think its better than any SA university... I alway ask smart people what they read and watch, and they never say TV and Facebook! 

Rather TED Talks and real books. Im currently reading Sobukwe, James and Henry Nouwen. 

Whats you favourite TED Talk? (

Mine is Brene Brown on vulnerability

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This is the exciting launch (not lunch) of a NEW competition that will take place right here on

The objective is to get young people to share their thoughts and feelings through blogs. You can also write a poem, song or story, but the main idea is to express yourself in ANY way. Even adding a picture. 

The competition will not focus on the normal Youthzones topics of sport, IT, life-skills and…


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Youthzones Feature on Bidvest Wits FC Facebook Page

After a visit by Sibusiso Vilakazi, a short update was posted on the official Facebook page.

To view it or 'like' Bidvest Wits FC click on this link: 

Note that Sibusiso is wearing a Walala Wasala beanie! …


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Walala Wasala - And the opposite...

Some people like to make excuses and some people like to find solutions.

This email from Kwamakhutha is a great example, helping 15 friends on Blackberry to create email addresses.…


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Input = Output

We are limited by our inputs. You can get exposure beyond the level of friends, family and workplace. Three easy ones: …


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New Logo for Youthzones!!

After lots of discussion and consultation Youthzones came up with a new logo! 


The black "play" button in the middle represents football or netball

The blue represents computer literacy and internet connectivity

The green stands for life-skills

The yellow for enterprise development

Does your team engage in all areas…


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Shoe Maker?

Does anyone know someone with skills and experience in making shoes?

There might be a good opportunity.

If you do, contact Marvin at     a d m i n @ y o u t h z o n e s . c o . z a

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Beg Smart

We all at times ask other people for money or help.

When we do that it is easy to feel bad, like a beggar, or inferior. Yet, if we beg, lets be smart.

When you write an email, make sure it looks professional:

- Add a smart descriptive Subject in the Subject line.

- Start with a Dear Sir or Dear Mr Whatwhat.

- Use paragraphs

- Never use sms spelling like tx, gr8, etc.

- Use capitol letters, especially for names of places and…


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Skills and Reputation

We always say "every day is a job interview", the small things show our capacity and attitude.

My advice: Whatever you do, fight to become skilled, fight to build a reputation as a hard worker and someone reliable. Such people are in high demand. Men and women.

Today for the second time in a month, someone told me they have a good job for someone. The person needs a driver's license, admin skills, ability to write and speak English and be reliable.



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Veli Moloi the Legend with Sibongile


if you have 6mb of data, download this sound clip to hear the interview between these two, following the SADC Diversity Tour.

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This is no pun as to how our friends keep Doc Mabila out of their office! No, the good news is that our friends at Convergence donated four very cool Apple products that will make Youthzones stronger and healthier! 

Two Macbook Pro's and two iPhones, will contribute to better connectivity, networking and interaction for some of the most remote Youthzoners! 

So with this, a massive THANK YOU to our long standing friends at Convergence Partners, who are always trying their best…


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How to better our Input?

As I walk and drive around our country I encounter some people who inspire me and some that makes me shake my head. The latter is mostly seeing folks who try so hard to be cool and okay that they end up looking and sounding ridiculous. This made me realise the following:

The most important thing in your life is what you choose to read and who you choose to listen and speak to. I don’t even mention television and music, because those are just reflections of where you’re at in terms of…


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Great Opportunity to Network and Connect

This is a unique invitation for Youthzones members to become friends with successful persons from the corporate world. We are aiming to link up different people from different backgrounds to become 'pen-pals' through email. That is, making a friend with someone that you would not normally have the opportunity to be friends with.

If you want to be paired with someone and can commit to email them at least twice a month, please let Simon Blangwe (simon at youthzones dot co dot za) know…


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A Morning with Merle

The Youthzones staff was lucky to spend a morning with Merle Friedman (PH.D) and we had the chance to talk about life-skills and life change. What struck me is how friendly and appreciative Merle was, not showing off her knowledge, but encouraging us and helping us carefully. A few things stood out: Always focus on the positive, discuss and look at strengths of a person, not weaknesses. Also, try to help people not to make mistakes that will lead to shame, most people already feel bad…


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Think about your INPUT

I have never met a person who do not think their opinion is as important and clever as anyone else. But how smart we really are depends on input, the quality of what goes into our eyes and ears every day. Want to evaluate your real IQ? Analyse what you hear and see from day to day. That includes quality of friends conversation, radio and TV. 

Attached a…


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Exxaro Cares

Nthonyana Kitsa (Community Development Practitioner) visited the Kameeldrift Youthzone to donate toys to the local creche. The toys were generously donated by employees of Exxaro.…


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Themba Mokoena

20 leaders from different Youthzones went to the Joburg Theatre to watch 21 poets and a poem on Friday evening. 

The show blew us away with sentence upon sentence of life changing lyrics and rhyme that was almost to much to take in.

Personally, besides the content of the show, I was just really impressed with the youngsters on stage:…


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Prezi Present from USA

In South Africa we sometimes call a present a prezi, and now the real Prezi became a present!

Youthzones members can be delighted with the fantastic news that we will receive 33 Prezi licenses for free from Prezi themselves! The licenses are worth R 36 729 per annum, which makes a fantastic resource available to ordinary citizens. "This type of collaboration is…


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