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November 2012 Blog Posts (17)

01-12 -12 world aids day

On 01 -of december it world aids day.more than 360.000 pleople in the sourthen african countries there lived with an HIV AND AIDS so, it now to think as human being  that how must we do to decrease this no. Now it it time to respect all those who are living with HIV not today or tomorrow every day we needed to take care of them an respect them gived them ahope of long life living whereas there still HIV POSITVE.let give them a hope of living an potencial.Alread thousands of pleople are died…


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in need to advice everyone in this world (tips)

guys we in the festive season now please guys take care of your self and the others drink responsible and please everything you do don't overdoes it like if you drink beers not to much if you scream not to much if you lough not to much if you dance not to much if you eat not to much if you enjoy not to much if you drive faster not to much faster so limit everything  you thing to do think before you do have a peaceful summer no violence no war and i like to thank youthzones for helping us…


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TOPIC: What must we do if we want to play in the professional level.

Today we were having a topic with Katlehong netball and basketball teams asking me lots of questions about the professional level because they also want to play to that level and my answer was so simple i said to them: Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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football it a game of mistakes

 They so many things that makes me enjoying to be a coach .Mostly the players  which are playing football are making fun things  sometimes e.g an 16 yr player dribling an 35yr old man  put  the ball under the legs of old man. Last  sartday were having a 2games  first game we were apagaist a young mates of AA Section .our boys were sirous under preadge becouse the  team they playing with were over than my playes it lyk  our under 19 apagaist under 35 , but they use to  b  under19 . the first…


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Kameeldrift and Mamelodi exchange program

The past saturday kameeldrift lads visited ours in mamelodi,they came with the under 12 and 17 we really had fun and learned many lessons from each other they really felt at home because the time they had to live some players did not want to live because of the hospitality that they received we did few life skills lessons with the we did teamwork and the importance of communication and this really amazed the spectators they ended up joing us also it was a saturday of fun i pray that this…


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Thay choose you in ordar to learn what thay want to know from you, than thay damp you like a toilet paper! Some people do that in real life.

Thise is why I believe when thay say a person can use you for his or her owen benefits. '' a person can halp you to claem a tree, when your on top abe anka selepe a rema that tree gore owe lesona''. In real life thise things do happen!

Hello zones . *smilling*

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"Don't come with the aim of helping me thinking that you are better than me or think I need help"

I have been reflecting and bordered and definitely felt to share and learn from others about the statement above. I know the statement above sounds like I am arrogant but the reality is most people especially the past week I have been trying to work with have that mentality. As much as one think one needs help because he is poor in a certain place e.g. financial is the same measure as the financial challenged individual will think about the "rich" in certain areas e.g. wisdom. A human being…


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juventus strike for loos

hi guy how doing i just need to take this chance to thank god for giving us life n skills and I also thank youthzones family for every thing they did for us now we have ten games n we never even lose one satuday we take two game n we won both game i like to take juventus guy to being der when the ream needs dem this is a biggest record we won ten game in a row if u need something u have to be humble n take thing slowly juventus it like kaizer chiefs  

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As part of the LAUREUS yes pilot team we attended different courses one of them including the ETA SKILLS PROGRAMME. from there on we were given tasks of hosting an event i never thought organizing a tournament was that tough, but through it all and the help from my organisation YOUTHZONES ( Simon and Ayanda) I managed to pull all the strings and made the event possible. it was a well day spent with Mondli and…


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What a games we  played  on last Sunday our under 19 Boys were apagaist the REAL MAGIC , At Emadami ground we won by 2-0 .Our boys were playing well they scoring cracker goals in different halfs. Sanele Cele  scored crecker goal out side the box.In the second half our boys were in the house on fire  in the first 2mintes  Rngo ngcobo biting  two magic difenders and pas in the visiters  net  and  and scored. After that moment my boys were traid harder to scoring the third goal, but a dis…


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If you are a leader you mast have the following:Self Actualisation Needs(reaching ones potential)Self Esteem Needs(high self evaluation,self respect,self esteem and esteem of others)Social Needs(Friendship,Affection relationships and Interpersonal acceptance)Self Needs(Security,Stability,Protection,Structure,Order and Law)Physiological Needs(Food,Water and Air)

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Self introspection after the hiking of drakensburg mountains

As i sit down and spent some time reflecting on the experience i aquired in hiking the drakensburg mountain,i really see each and everyday worth leaving because when you know your purpose in life you will make each and everyday day worth living i also learned the importance of reflecting on your life each and everyday,this two question:who am i and where are you going really make me realise that if you know who you are as an individual and accept yourself the way you are you can make…


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The girls are so happy for aballs

 the girls are so happy to getting the balls from Youthzones . the saying this ball the gona make diffirenc asthe y pripering for leage matchies . it makes felt happy were i,m see the youth divelopment team sang the songs as the sign of exaitment from you guys . the shows  how happy were are after we giving them this  balls . thanks from you guys  for making the  youth of umlazi being happy all the time , io,m show  here we didn,t see the youth walking in the sreet or tring to robbing please…


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thank god im still alive

hi every one i hope you doing good i cat see you i was need make sure as im asking

firstly i like to thank YOUTHZONES for giving us this chance as a leader to go to drankensburg mountain to hike 

secondly i like to thank Tom for his time n awareness Tom you are the man n i also like to thank all YOUTHZONES guys that were there at drankensburg mountain for there strength i was nerves because it was my first time to go to hike but the confidence that they show to me i pretend as…


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Trip to Drakensberg

It was nice being with difference leaders and making friends shearing ides thanks to youthzone and Tom, being in the mountain it is good and i start enjoying the trip when i was in the moment of salience thinking about the future in my community and the change i am going to do,i have learn from the past and creating the future bat i mast also thank god four being with us at the trip,i still say thanks youthzone and Tom god bless you all.

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Formalisation hinders creativity and success in self-honest individuals

As we always say people need people, rich or poor, black or white, big headed or small headed. And also people are different and unique have have special talents everyone breathing. And all these talents working together in unity and teamwork, the world automatically becomes a better place. Every person do things in a different way to achieve what they want and what works for Doc to get to achieve what he wants doesn't mean it will be the same formula of success for Grootkop rather one can…


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m learning a lerson  in drakensback, if do something u must plan. it was my fist in my life to go to hike in the mountan  and hiking ,but the espence i gettin it will make grow .

m learning a lerson  in drakensback, if do something u must plan. it was my fist in my life to go to hike in the mountan  and hiking ,but the espence i gettin it will make grow .


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